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John C

Are there any plans to introduce thr ProV1 line in yellow?  I lost most of the vision in one eye, and now have a difficult time seeing the white ball in flight especially on overcast days.  My preference is Titleist but I do not like the Tour S.

P. Blair

Titleist makes yellow hats. I don't see the problem. 

All this talk of 'you should not need it' - okay, fine, but there are sufficient profits in offering a yellow tour-level ball for other companies, even considering their lower overall sales and thus higher costs.

I can't imagine how people here who are offended by yellow balls are allowing Titleist to get away with putting the word 'Tour' on the NXT.

It's a ball, folks. It's a ball that you don't have to play. Speaking as someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, where we have pretty dreary conditions in a large part of the year, I can say that yellow balls are MUCH easier to see on many days. There's science behind this. Science makes better balls. Science makes a better game.

Science doesn't have an ego. Let it go.

Paul S

Does any know if the Pro V1 will come in a yellow cover?

James B

I've never been a fan of colored golf balls. I guess they work for some but, not for me :-/

Greg F

Fan, I can agree to disagree. I understand the desire to keep the game as pure as possible, and I agree with that. I do not like all of the colored balls just to have color in a ball. I donate all of the balls I find to First Tee and my friends and playing partners know that. You would be suprised how many people give me new colored balls that they cannot see. However, no one has given me a High-Optic Yellow ball.

I played yesterday evening, and lost sight of my white Pro-v1 ball twice, in flat light conditions. Then I switched to a high-optic yellow ball and did not have any more issues. I just do not like having to play a ball that does not enhance my game. I was lucky to get a sleeve of the test balls last fall (Prov1?). I can tell you that if I could get that ball in a high-optic yellow, I would be one happy camper!    If anyone is reading, I would be more than happy to give feedback on those balls!!!!!   Getting older is no fun. Enjoy the fairways and greens!


Don O

Agreeing with Greg.  My biggest mistake was getting my wife pink balls last year when she decided to give up her widowhood and join me outside.  In dim light it is darn near impossible to find in deep rough (...and where else would a new golfer be??).

But no question on the utility of the optic yellow.  I have a box of ProV1x balls I save when I play with my foursome where everyone else is half my age.  By myself or with kids my own age, I use optic.  And we spend too much time looking for their white balls.

clayton t

you may think yellow balls may look unprofessional but i have seen them on the pga i think if a person loves the action of pro v1 or prov 1x and its his or her favorite ball they should not have to switch because their eye site going bad i do not need yellow right now myself but i tried dt solo optic yellow the ball was easyer to see however i love the pro v1 x better for me if i did need optic yellow i would hope titleist would make them for my favorite ball

titleist fan 1

Fair enough Don O maybe I was being a little harsh and I want to apologise if I offended anyone I didn't mean to do that and having both options would be that bad, everyone then gets thier choice 

titleist fan 1

titleist fan 1

Fair enough Don O maybe I was being a little harsh and I want to apologise if I offended anyone I didn't mean to do that and having both options would be that bad, everyone then gets thier choice 

I ment to say wouldn't be a bad idea.


I know a few people that like the yellow golf balls ... personally I can't follow them as well, probably because I'm used to looking for the white golf ball.  A couple of golf buddies have switched to another ball because yellow Pro V1's aren't (readily) available.  Not sure it is a big issue, but I know it would make a few people happy here :)

Tommy Boy

My brother is a Diabetic and as a result his eye sight is fading and he literally cannot watch his ball flight most of the time because the white ball blends in So he had started using the srxn Zstar ball so he could better find it when I am not there to help him. For people like this I would say that Yellow Prov's are a great idea

justin b

would love to see titleist come out with a yellow pro V 1 !!!!!!

Charles B

I use the Yellow Dt Solo's Im 15 Freshman when im a Senior In High School im going to be using the Pro v1's wish they made them yellow it would be awesome

john s

You have to realize they don't want you to find all your balls for a reason!!!! Make business sense??

Rich H