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Gabe B

I have been playing the prov1x for the past few years. have heard some guys are changing to the new prov1 over the new x. Anyone have an thoughts.

Don O

I recently tried the ProV1x for the first time - I've had side spin issues in the past.  Even though it is a higher compression than the ProV1, I didn't find it too harsh/hard.  I was looking to maintain loft switching from 2 piece distance balls.  Even with a swing speed under 90, the 1x is still long.  Unless you need to tweak your launch down or try a litle more soft feel around the greens, you will be ok keeping the 1x.

Mike P

I just switched to the prov1x's but that only because of my playing style, I like my ball to be long off the tee and a ton of confidence around the greens, but the prov1 is still an amazing ball. I also play TM penta TP's, I'd love to test anything new that titleist  comes up with aginst them

Steven B

Hi Gabe!

I played the Pro V1 and have found awesome spin with shorter irons, wedges and chipping around the green. I found them straighter off the tee, approach shots and pitching. The ball is incredible around the greens. 

Note; (I play greens at 11 or better on the stimp.)

Zach Z

Just switched this weekend from pro-v1x to pro-v1 and LOVED it. I prefer the softer feel. I hit it just as long and straight. best part, I played the same ball the entire round and it still looked brand new at the end! I think i found my new Gamer... plus it matches my new 913 D3 pretty well!

Richard H

While going through an OLD bag recently, I found a few Titleist Balata 90 compression balls.   Brought back some memories for sure....

scott a

I like the x's flight off the tee better. Prefer the pro v's with everything else. Short game always wins out. Putting with the Pro V's just feels awesome off my Scotty.  

Daniel A

Ive spun too many Pro V1s off greens with wedges and short irons. I like the Pro V1x for the spin distance is never a problem with me so i really needed a ball to fit my short game which the Pro V1x does its just a personal feel which ever one you like better especially with the wedges and short irons.

Francisco B

I just switched back to nxt tour s Like to switch between these and pv1s

Fred C

I've found the ProV1 is better around the greens and I can control the spin better. The ProV1x seems to spin too much on many pitches and chips, making it difficult to control the distance.


It's all in the swing speed and feel of the player.  I hit X's and they are perfect for my game.  They will release when the correct shot is played and spin when needed.

Really can't go wrong with the ProV selection and even the NXT Tour S

As long as we get to play, enjoy the ride.