Pro V1 Personalization Characters

Started by : Blake C |

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Blake C

I went to order my buy 3 dozen get 1 free from golf smiths and they would not allow me use the "^" character.  Does anyone know if there are certain characters that you can not use on the personalization?

A.P. Cooper

I believe you are only allowed to use commas, period, and quotation marks if I am not mistaken. 

Josh G

I went to Golf Galaxy last year and they wouldn't let me get all 7's even though I'd done it before the year before.  Those big box stores just don't have knowledgable staff members or the customer service that pro shops do. Just go to your favorite course or club and order them there. If it's something that Titleist won't let you do then you're out of luck, but at least you know that they'll give it a shot  

philip g

I just placed my order and used @ hopefully i dont get rejected.