The new prov1x

I have played the new prov1x my last 2 tournaments On the Golf channel tour. The results have been awesome more durable consistent ball flight great predictability around the greens. The confidence gained playing the ball has resulted in a 1st and 2nd place finish. Great job Titleist.

I second that, the new balls are awesome!  The durability has improved greatly.  I received a dozen for tournaments this year, and I still have three left.  People were really bashing about the durability of the old balls, and Titleist addressed the issue greatly!  Well done, Titleist!

I have been playing the Red Pro V1 and Pro V 1x  on a few occasions.  I really like the new ball.  In fact I had a hole in one with it on May 9,2013 at Medinah  C.C..  Could not be happier with the new ball and its result.  Lou B.

what is the Golf Channel Tour?  Is that the AM tour?

I played on that last year...lots of fun but very expensive

I am not sure  You can email the Golf channel Morning Drive show . They have discussed it  and can give you an answer. 

I would agree, I am hooked on the new Pro V1x.  It's literally built perfect for my game...currently playing at a 4.8 handicap and the ball's consistency and feel have played a major roll.

Well said guys.  I like the feel of the new ProV1xs.   Never noticed a durability problem with the older models like most, but the new ball rocks.