ProV1 or ProV1x

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Chris K

I had switched from the ProV1 to the X this year. But, I just played my best round in well over a year with the 2013 ProV1, and I absolutely loved the ball. 


Put simply, nothing matters but the score, and you will get great performance with both, so I would use the one you score the best with.


I can't tell a difference between the V1 and the V1x. They feel the same to me. The distance is about the same as well. But the furthest drive I ever hit was with the V1. They're both outstanding balls.


I've been playing some decent golf, so I rewarded myself with a new sleeve of Pro V1's today :)


I love the Pro V1s.   I hit my approach shot under some pines into some pine straw beside the #1 green.  I knew if I grounded my club, the pine needles would move my ball, but knowing it was a brand new Pro V1, I felt confident I could hit out without grounding my club.  I chipped about 18" off the green and the ball stopped 4' from the hole ... 1 putt for a Par save :)

Eric C

Great round, I played my first round with the 2013 pro1x today with my new clubs that I have been dialing in distances at the range.  

Sort of a waste of time at the range though, the ball goes farther than range balls. The feel and control I think has improved when closer to the green.