Seeing the Turbulent Boundry Layer in Flight

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Mark R

Yesterday I was playing with friends and saw something I have never seen before. I can’t find an actual picture of what I was seeing, but the top part of the ball had, what looked like, a blurry cloud above it. Like the top of a mushroom.

I was not seeing this, the entire flight of the ball, only thru mid flight. It must have been the angle of the sunlight at that flight path. Sort of like a mirage distortion over a hot road. I think I was seeing the boundry layer during flight!

It was cool!! The guys I was playing with said I needed my eyes checked.

Has anyone seen this before? Do actual pictures of this exsist?



Dr. Kovatchian

That's crazy!!!!

Kinda like a drive reaching the fairway before you hear the tee shot....Titleist balls travel faster than sound!!!


greg p

Not me.  You wouldn't by any chance have an "S" on your chest, would you?