Where do they go?

We get this question a lot and we know a lot of our Team Titleist members are curious to know where the practice balls from PGA Tour tournaments go at the end of week... so I checked in with the team to get the answer and here is what I found out:

Our local sales representative works with the host tournament director to determine a home for practice balls.  In most cases they are utilized by a local junior golf organization or First Tee facility.

Good stuff. 



Hello Titleist,  just a big "HIGH FIVE" for your generosity to those organizations.

Glad to hear that these balls are going to a good cause and to organizations that support the development of the game for the junior golfers.  Great way for Titleist to support the community!

Kudos, to Titleist.

Thanks for supporting Junior Golf.

Titleist does do alot for Jr golfers and programs. Back when the Sr Tour was at The Moors in Milton, Fl I use to volunteer at this tournament. One year after the sunday round was done and over, I was helping out at the range with cleaning it up and putting everthing away. While we were loading the balls, the Titleist rep ask me if I had a shag bag, I told him that I did have a Titleist shag bag but that the balls in there were old and filled with mixed brand balls. He told me to grab a bag and fill it up with these range balls from the tournament ( Titleist Professionals, 100 compression). I ended up with 125 balls in that bag.  That was about 15 years ago and still to this day, I have everyone of them still in my shag bag. They may be old but they are still in great shape and still practice and feel really good. I use them the most for around the practice chipping greens and sand traps to practice out of. You cant beat a Titleist Practice ball to work on your game. Thank You Titleist for the many years of use out of these balls.


David K.

Way to go Titleist! I have 3 daughters enrolled in the First Tee and it is great when they can use things that were dontated.  My oldest daughter won't play any ball except for a Titleist. Brand Loyalty at a young age equals a customer for life!