Right Titleist for 1950s Strata-Bloc woods

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Bill H

I recently reacquired a set of MacGregor Tommy Armous Silver Scot irons I first owned in 1953. I am going to play a round of golf at Sylvan Glen GC in Troy, Michigan where I worked as assistant pro when I bought these clubs. I will use a set of Wilson Strata-Bloc woods. What golf ball should I use so as to not damage the wood heads? (I have a dozen 15-year-old but unused Titleist wound balls, 90 compression. Would those be safe? And how dead would they be?

Don O

The cover may be harder from aging, so to protect your wrists you may want to use DT Solo or Pro V.  Both are under a 90 compression at this point.  Duffner may be playing 2009 ProVs, but doubtfull anyone has ever tested if the balls have died that far out of production.