Broke into the 90's with DT SOLO

Started by : Rich P |

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Rich P

A Hallmark day for us we both broke into the 90's at patriot hills golf course Stony point NY . I know that does not mean much to most people but to me it's a big deal. I have been practicing a lot at the range and putting green. It is finally paying off.


photo.php?fbid=10151557141200598&set=a.10150931317610598.405664.595740597&type=1&commentid=9456639&offset=0&totalcomments=3Yup I owe it to practice my clubs, putter, titelist DT solo. And pracitice, practice and more practice


Tom C

Hey, Good going with breaking 90. The DT solo I think is the cheapest ball in the Titleist line-up however it is a quality ball. About 5 years ago I got a hole in one with the same ball.




Awesome work breaking 90! And the feat is definitely is a big deal!! It means your hard work and commitment is paying off with results on the course! Next challenge, keep it in the 80s at all times!