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Antonio V

Just received a sleeve of a new Test ball in the mail. Anybody have any idea what line it is. Thanks

David S

I have the Solo in my profile.  I just received a sleeve of balls with the dark red number on them, also.  Although our season is winding down, I will definitely be giving them a test this weekend.

clayton t

well you know its cool gift from titleist basicly saying play around on us let us know what you think....... the balls themselves may never go on the market....... but yet again these balls may have never been out and titleist maybe looking for these balls we test being next best thing...... it would be cool to think that i had a hand in new ball with a new style name pro v = next generaion

Monty m

Clayton, Glad you have an angel, enjoy.

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Team Titleist
clayton t replied to Re: Test Ball in Golf Balls.
well i recieved 2 unexpected joys today 1st a couple months back my ap 2 and bag stolen so last few weeks been playing some used clubs from a friend..... after i got home today from playing around i found brand new players bag with 712 ap 2 and 913 d and 913 f seems i got an angel close by..... in mail today test balls from titleist red numbers i am thinking pro v 1x ..... going be 33 tomorrow here im going try one then save one till gets back to 80s later this week
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P.J. Evans

As most of us know, they only do ProV1/V1x every other year.  I tested what ended up being this years ProV1's.

Very good ball, but I usually play the ProV1x, so it actually spun more than I liked.

I agree, the dimples are larger than last year's prototype (I kept one untouched).  I'm playing 3 rounds in a row, starting on Friday, so I'll have a good idea what they do by then.  If I were to guess, I'd speculate they're either NXT or DT Solo.  I'll have a better idea by the end of the 3rd round.  Doesn't matter what they are, I'm just grateful to have an opportunity to try them out.

Something really cool about being a tester for Titleist - the number one ball maker in golf!

I know I'm supposed to have received an email from Team Titleist, but haven't seen it.  If any of the Titleist staffers see this - can it be resent to me?

Thank you!, -- P.J.

Rick V


I'll be happy to look into that for you and resend the email.

Good luck tomorrow!

Rick V.


Please post your thoughts on them. I've been playing the Pro V1x, but i"m interested in trying the Pro V1. What are your thoughts so far? 

Dan H

Would be cool to have the opportunity to test Titleist golf balls.  Great program, thanks Team Titleist!!!

Kurt Z

I received mine in the mail today.  They have red numbers similar to the NXT Tour which is in my profile.  Excited to be a part of Titleist testing and can't wait to get out and play them. 

Brandon C

I have to admit that the Team Titleist program is an awesome thing to be involved with. As a relatively new member, I think it is great that Titleist as a company values our opinions enough to send out prototype products for real world players to test. Let us know how the new prototype (model unknown) feels.

jarrell r

I almost did the same thing but then i decided to hit the balls from 100 yards on the fairway then out the rough.  Then I moved back to the 150 and so on and so on.

Thomas C

Received a sleeve and will try them on Monday.  Looking forward to the "Test".


Clayton T- that is really great news. I had the ProV1 test balls last year. Always willing to test a new ball for Titleist (Hint Hint). Have fun guys/gals and remember to record your feedback.

clayton t

          i work couple days a week at driving range  the range is 400 yards also has 18 practice greens a bunker with 2 greens 1 at 50 yards the other 125 yards gives me chance to hit unlimited balls...... today is was 32 degrees  i pick range clean this morning... took the test sleeve and sleeve of each the following nxt tour, pro v1, and  pro v1x  with weather being in the 30s my test sleeve balls didn't get the loft as the others but 10 yards futher which is cool..... love the spin action i got.... next week warming back up to 70s im going do same test then go play


Just received my sleeve of golf balls. Played a round and they feel similiar to the NXT i currently use soft and great feel.