Test Ball

Mine were marked in black: Titleist 1 & <test>. They flew really far! Are we allowed to use these in tournaments and to post scores?  Not sure if they comply with Rules of Golf...

Just received a sleeve in the mail last night and the survey link email today. 

Ball has slightly larger dimples than current gen Pro V1 and Pro V1x. Markings are Titliest logo, red #1 and the word TEST on alignment aid. 

I'm a recent joiner to the forum and really appreciate the chance to test this ball.  I plan on testing two of them this weekend and giving the other to a work buddy who's a 4hcp. 

Am impressed w/this ball; Black, Titleist 1 and test.   Unfortunately, weather in PA now is not conducive to much of a test.

Wet grounds and lower temps make for poor conditions for comparison.

Got the email today from Titleist asking for my opinions of this "test" ball but have only played ONCE!

Balls came last week and email today.....my reply will not signify very much info of any value.


Hope that Titleist will advise us what this test ball becomes, if anything.

If all black markings it is a ProV1, if it has a red # it is a ProViX

as far as i can find they can be used in toury play  under append. 3 as long as they not any different in size, shape, weight ECT.

clayton t

well i recieved 2 unexpected joys today 1st a couple months back my ap 2 and bag stolen so last few weeks been playing some used clubs from a friend..... after i got home today from playing around i found brand new players bag with 712 ap 2 and 913 d and 913 f seems i got an angel close by..... in mail today test balls from titleist red numbers i am thinking pro v 1x ..... going be 33 tomorrow here im going try one then save one till gets back to 80s later this week

Ron M Just finished with the test balls - yellow. All irons were 6-10 yards longer. The driver was 10+ yards longer consistently with good roll. Disappointed that shots to greens rolled out 10+ feet further most of the time. Otherwise, an excellent ball. If anyone finds out the type, please post.

I've had the same experience with my test sleeve.

I along with all here received a sleeve of new balls. I would go with the assumption that the sleeve you receive is based on what you use in your preferences.  I use the NXT Tour / Tour S optic yellow.  What did I receive a sleeve of optic yellow balls marked "Test".  My only issue was that these came late int he year for me as weather in MI is hit or miss these days so the day I got out to hit these balls it was b/t 43-46 degrees, a little chilly but not too bad. What I found was about the same amount of control around the greens and on the approach.  The difference I found was distance off the tee and with my 3 wood and long irons.  I played a 530+ yard par five in three shots. Nuked the drive which set up a mid 3 hybrid shot that I sent onto the green and then just off the the back edge.  A lucky 35 foot left to right break putt for a sweet eagle.  I followed that up with a birdie on the very next par 4.  If this is in fact the next version oft he NXT Tour S, I'm loving it! Thanks for the test balls Titleist!

I got Black “TEST” # 1 and I play the Titleist NXT Tour ball. I have played the test ball and my ball (NXT Tour) side by side, it takes a little time and you do find yourself explaining why you are playing two balls, but everyone seemed cool with it after I told them it was an official Titleist test program. Oh and nobody wanted to play through! I measured the drive distances and calculated in distances off line. My average drive distance with the “Test” ball was 21 yards additional distance, the “Test” ball also was easier to spin to a short stop on the green, it had nice control. But it also showed wear after only playing two holes and was what I would call well used with some rough spots and fuzz after 18 holes. For tournament play this would be the ball for me and for daily recreational play that would depend on price point. And back to the golf course and all the other players who watched me play, after I showed them my math and with them seeing me play it is going to be a popular ball.

I  played  with mine  for  36  holes- black  numbers.  They seemed to have more spin off the driver than the  ProV1x or  Velocity I play but  more  spin around the  green too. Great to be part of the  test  proogram!

Received received a sleeve of "test" balls.   Seemed similar to NXT S, but much longer with hybrids. 

If they are test balls, you cannot use them in Competition.

I received a sleeve also.  Would like to know what they are.  They went straighter and farther for me.   B'stone E-6 is in my profile.  Played with them in 40 -  45 degree weather and saw improvement.  I would buy them if I knew what they are.  Thanks for the opportunity.

i guess a velocity or nxt...they have very little spin and land on green with a thud and don't move

I received the test balls last week and played 3 rounds with 1 ball till I lost it in leaves.It was great.More distance and confidence