Ball testing

I finally was able to test my Titleist prototype golf balls. Enjoyed them very, very much. Here is what I wrote overall at the end of the evaluation form. (I think it is okay to share this.)

“I consider this prototype to be one big game improvement ball overall. I played on a par 3 executive course in Boynton Beach, FL, and then at Osprey Point's Raven and Falcon courses in Boca Raton, FL.  At Osprey Point, using the prototype, I played the best round I had in the last 12 months. I shot an 88 which is about 10-12 strokes less than my normal. Would really like to know what this ball will be called cause I would like to buy them.”

I am a 20 handicapper normally.  I got distance and great ball control with my short game.

Ron Lee

Team Titleist:

I was at the end of my survey report and the webpage "timed out"! Should I fill out the survey again from the start OR did you receive 97% of my survey?


Team Titleist:

Forgive me for the minor panic! As a last resort,  I did a "refresh" on the survey webpage and my survey was restored to 97% complete, where I was, when the webpage timed out. 

This will surely happen to others! I accidentally found a solution. 

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