What golf ball should I play?

Started by : Davis T |

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Davis T

I'm a 0.1 handicap I am 16 and I nomaly shoot anywhere from high 60's to even par. I have always switched back and forth between the pro v1 and pro v1x. Which would be a better ball for me?p

Brad S

Davis there are alot of things to consider when choosing.  I currently do the same though.  It really depends on what type of spin and launch you like with your ball.  I plan on finding a Titleist fitter and get some numbers to see which fits me best.

Keith M

There are so many variables, depending on your swing speed, ball flight, trajectory, spin, etc. that would make it hard to recommend a ball outright.

What I will say is you should get fit for a ball.  I just recently went to a Titleist ball fitting event and using a trackman they analyzed everything and recommended the ball that was right for me, the Pro V1x (which I was already playing.)

Check out the list of Titleist events in your general area and you will probably be able to find a ball fitting event pretty easily.  Good luck and keep hitting those greens.

Rick V

Just to add to what Keith said, here's a link to current Golf Ball Fitting Events:


Good luck!

Cole W

I agree wiTh the others that you should get fit.

However if that is going to be a while, head to the course with some of each ball, go through your bag top to bottom and look at a few different results, consistency of distance, consistency of dispersion, tradgectory, intended shot shape, and see which one performs the best for your game.