Test Ball

Agree with you Michael, I received the test ball last year as well, red number. Best ball I have ever played hands down. 

I also received the yellow test ball. It is softer off the clubface, reminds me of the balata days. Longer off the driver, higher launch + less spin. Wedges about 5-6 yards longer, not have had opportunity to test other iron shots. Really big adjustment for putting and chipping, ball jumps off the face and everything was longer than expected. Adjustments to be dialed in on next 4 hole round after work.

I received the same test ball, and it is 10 yards longer off the tee for me than the NXT Tour that I have been playing. I hope we are informed when this ball comes to market so I can stock up on them.

-Leland B

My test balls had black numbers, I too really liked the ball.  Wondering are they going to tell us what we tested?

Tried both the red and black today,  red felt a little hard off the club, black felt nicer.

Both went very well, and putted very well with both.

Would be nice to know what they are when released.


It is probably a NXT Tour S test ball. I play the tour S and I agree with you completely.

Received some black and red numbered balls last week. Played my first round with them today. On the front 9, I played the black numbered ball and had my best front 9 ever. Really liked the ball and felt nice and soft of the putter giving me a lot of confidence. On the back 9 used a red numbered one and had one of the worst back 9s I've played (although that was not entirely down to the ball!). However, the red ball did feel a lot firmer off the putter. I did not feel as confident around the green with it, but like I say, half of that was down to me not playing as well. Both great balls, but I did prefer the black ball.

Many thanks Titleist for the chance to test these balls!