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Brant K

Recently received the test ball. Bright white with Red number.  Really impressed with the performance.  I've been playing the bstone B330RXS for a couple of years and would switch today if the new ball was available.  Distance, feel, and contro were exceptional.

George L

Also white with black number, liked the feel off of all clubs. Compared against current e6 and U2 I have been using, would definitely play this ball instead; if and when I find out what it is or will be.

Bob S

Played the new Test ball and really like it.  Has great feel and I get more distance.  Hope it comes out soon and we are told the name so we can purchase.  

Craig S

I just finish a round with the white test ball with red number. There is no question that I would play this ball as my #1 choice. Long off my driver, and straight. Great feel with the irons. I could get great spin and check on the greens, or roll it out. Please be sure to let me know what the ball is when you roll it out to the market so that I can buy them. Thanks!!!!

Jeff N

Tested ball with red number, 8-12 yes longer off tee .great ball flight and feel. Soft off the putter, but a little hot on chops like nxt . Loved the ball


Patrick S

I also recently received the test ball and was very impressed.  Distance was improved by 20 to 30 yrds and the feel was equal to of better than proV.  Very impressive control on the greens.  I will keep using titelist balls as long as they keep improving like this.  Keep it coming guys.


joe m

Don't you know it ! finally had a chance to use my"test balls" - outdriving everyone with my 3-wood , in the fairway , fantastic - send me more!

Padraic S

The test ball is amazing. Can't say anything better than that. I want to play a titleist ball, but it is way too expensive. The only way for me to get cheaper ball is to get discounts, but I love titleist golf balls.

Albert M

Randy R

Brant K

Recently received the test ball. Bright white with Red number.  Really impressed with the performance.  I've been playing the bstone B330RXS for a couple of years and would switch today if the new ball was available.  Distance, feel, and contro were exceptional.

I also tested the golf ball. I have played three rounds with it. It is very durable and I get a little more distance even on the green. When are we going to be told the name of the product. Randy R

got the test ball in white, hit it longer and straighter than my other Titleist Pro v1 and the bstone E 6. Reached a long par 4 into the wing with my 3 wood and had never done that before. When I got to the green I realized I had hit the Titleist test ball and I was sold. When are you bringing them out and what will be the name? Spring will be here before you know it and I would like to start the new season off right. Oh, and thanks for the test balls. Albert Maas, Mission,KS

John Strathman

I thought the test ball had good control, nice off the drive and good handling around the green. with my golfing misfortune I lost them in the leaves, after about ten holes. How about sending the test balls out in the spring?


I got a sleeve also. I had been playing staff duo and bstone e6's because of the feel around the green and low spin. I gave the new balls a through test. I put them through about a 500 putt test, and then short chips. I loved the way they felt. They had nice even jump off the putter, and wedge. They also seemed to stop quicker..

I played two different rounds with them. Playing them side by side with staff, and the e6.

What I saw was they seemed to play a little longer. Pretty much every drive was slightly longer, and had less spin(stayed straight).

On approaches they were stopping about 5 feet quicker(shots ranged from 100-150's) I literally paced off from ball marks to stoppoing point. I do not usually get a lot of spin off wedges/irons.

I was playing the other day with my friend who plays pro-v's full time- did not say a word to him, just had him putt with 1. He didn't even know it was a test ball. He said the exact same thing about the way it came off the putter. I was really impressed.

I would switch to this ball in a heartbeat...and I haven't played titleist since probably June.

Gavin S

Got the test balls also. Great control off of the tee and increased distance. Also found that they allowed soft play and good spin levels into the green. A good ball and look forward to being able to use it all the time. Just need to let us know what it is.

Jamie L

Can you tell if this ball has a Urethane cover (ProV) or Surlyn/Fusablend cover (NXT)? I have been hoping that Titleist would make a Pro V with low compression and a Urethane cover. I love the ProV1x but it feels a little hard for me. Seems many companies are introducing entry level tour balls (lower compression, urethane balls with low driver spin) and I hope Titleist finds room in the lineup for one. 

Anthony T

I also received these test balls, bright white with red 1. 

Before I comment on the ball, I want to say that I am a titleist fan and will be for life. I can't imagine a better way for a company to show their appreciation for their customers than to provide prototype product for free and ask for feedback.  

I used to play the NXT Tour and thought that was a great ball. This season I switched to the the Pro V1x, because I wanted a lower spinning ball that was also softer feeling ball around the greens and the cover on the Pro V1x feels great! Having said that, when the test balls arrived I immediately thought this must be a prototype for a new NXT ball, based on the material used for the cover.

I played 36 holes with these balls and love them! In my opinion they do feel a little harder off the driver, and approach shots, as expected, very similar to an NXT. I feel like this ball has a very low spin rate in the long game, yet it has great feel around the greens! It does not have the stopping power of a Pro V1, but I feel like I does what you would expect. What I mean by that is I had tried the Velocity ball, and although I loved that ball off the tee, I felt like I could not stop it on the greens at all, far too little spin around the green.

If I have a negative on the Pro V1x, it would be that it does have a little more spin than I would like off the driver. I'm a 15 handicap and sometimes my fade turns into a slice with the extra spin, compared to the NXT.

These test balls are the perfect balance between low spin and good distance off the tee, while performing better around the greens than the NXT. The cover is a little harder, than a Pro V1,  which is fine as my wedges tend to cut the cover on the Pro V.

To summarize, this ball is long and accurate off the tee, like an NXT, but "softer" and stops better on short shots from around the green (although not as good as a Pro V1, but does not miss by much)!  

I cannot wait to find out  the name of this ball when it comes to market, because it will be my new ball!

Thank you Titleist for caring about your average Joe golfer and wanting our opinions!

Chuck F

I received a sleeve of balls about 3 weeks ago and finnally got to try them out last week. This ball had a red # 1 and on the side two arrows with the word test between them. I would really love to know what ball this was because I have never played a better ball including the pro v1. It was long and I mean long. My swing speed is not fast at all, but I hit drives longer than ever before. Please Titleist if you want me to test more of these balls send them on!!!!!! Can't wait to find out the ball I tested.  I just hope  someone will let me know when I can get these balls I need them! I could also work the ball and I never could with any other ball I've used. BEST BALL EVER thanks for letting me test it!!!