When will the new NXT tour S's be in stores

Started by : Luke M |

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Luke M

I am used to playing the 2012 models and I am very excited to start playing the new ones.   Any ideas when they will be in stores?


They are fantastic!  You are going to enjoy the new version...


Richard C

Rick V

Played with friend of mine who is a good player and is 71 years old.

Last two weeks he has been hitting his drives about 20 to 25 yards longer

and I noticed he changed to the new Titleist NXT Tour S ball from Pro V1.

His scores in the last three rounds 72, 72, and 70.  I bought a dozen and I am

a snob about balls and only play Pro V1's or X's but this ball is good.  I played

the same ball for two rounds and won our men's day by two stokes. 


Luke M

They are great after a couple of weeks of testing them I believe they will be my go to ball. Thanks Titleist for another great ball