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Roy W

Hi all, Well I feel a bit guilty length of time Ive taken to get this feedback into print.

I received two sleeves of test balls in Oct 13 & didnt get to test them until Nove 13 & later due to the terrible weather we been having.

Well the two sleeves were 1 being RED numbered & the other being BLACK numbered, so am guessing they were s standard playing spec & premium spec respectively.

The days in question for testing were very much the same, ie the best weather I could get. Temp 8 degrees, Wind gusting 8-10mph, Overcast, Dry. Course very wet so no run on ball, Greens soft holding but slick around 9/10 stimp speed.

I found them absolutely great to play with, really nice strike feel off the club face, good feel when chipping as tho its holding the face until you release it for the green. Distance wise I found the RED numbered balls better for myself personally which aligns with my general selection in Titleist balls ie NXT rather than Pro V. Mind you I do like the Pro V x series. 

Anyway my general thoughts & feelings on these test balls were good, pref towards the RED nembered but both had good feel for playing.

Hope this is of help, looking forward to trying them in the Summer!! Whats that you say, well its when its warm & dry & the Sun is out phew


bryan e

how does one get on a list to receive test balls??



Dale H

It has been a while since I received golf balls for assessment. That is such a privilege. Hope I get on that list again, with winter racing to a close.

Dan H



Crazy winter here 18-24 inches of snow on the ground and 4-6 more coming this weekend. I hope I can still swing a club after swinging this shovel. Much needed trip scheduled with 3 buddies to Hilton Head Island end of April can't get here fast enough. Looking forward to hitting my Titleist.

Bobbi B

Which test ball (red or black numbers) is not very clear.   In one of the other "test ball"  discussions, I was told the black is NXT Tour and the red Pro V.   I really wish we could know for sure.   I loved the black numbered balls I tested.   If they are the Pro V, it is a bit out of my price range but I might be willing to try a dozen anyway.  

Good for you... I;m only willing to play at 45 (F) or better!


John C

My test balls were great. Very good feel and distance was better. I play the NXT tour

Raymond C

Hi Roy W. I got a sleeve of balls with the black 1 and loved them. Since I had listed bstone E6's as my favorite on my profile, I assumed Titleist would send something close for me to compare. Now on seeing the new advertising for the NEW NXT's it is interesting that the RED is the Tour NXT color and black is the color of the NXT Soft. Also, note that the word Titleist on your test ball is slightly larger that the same word on Prov's, etc. as is Titleist on the NXT series. Altho, the new NXT's are available now, it will be a long time before I can buy and compare balls to test my theory since there must be close to 30 inches of snow in my back yard. Anyway, if my guess is correct, I'll be happy to switch to Titleist. Thanks

Charlie B

I was lucky to get a test sleeve but had a chance to test them whilst it was warmer than 8*!

Then again maybe they wanted info on the balls is really cold weather ?


I would LOVE to ball test again , I showed and talk to everyone I played with ! They all really like it , and I would let them play a hole with one . p.s the only ball in golf !

cliff s

Was it possible to tell the type of balls you had by the feel of the cover and dimple patterns in the 2 types of balls?  I love the Pro V1x balls and use them in my tournament play but use the Velocity balls in practice due to the difference in cost.

billy m

yes i would love to know how to git test balls as well i have been a loyal titleist guy since i started in 07, so please send me some balls or clubs to test. thank you;;

Dr Ernest K

I was sent the sleeve with black numbers also and tested them against what I normally use (NXT Tour for warmer weather and Velocity for cooler weather). The first time on tee box with new ball was with temperatures in low 50s and I didn't really expect ball to perform well, but crushed my drive and it surprised me and the other three in my foursome.  Ball just felt good. Same thing happened on second drive and when I didn't screw up my drive (I am a 16 Handicap and 76 years old) on most of the rest of the round.  I found ball to be responsive in short game as well, and that day I had the best round of the fall, more like my summer play where temperature and wind aren't a problem

I tested balls for the next two weeks, often alternately hitting the test ball and my NXT or my Velocity depending upon the temperature that day. My conclusion was that this test ball was a huge improvement and I was anxious to see the results posted so that I could buy this ball for my use. When Titleist sent out notices of new improved balls I sent inquiry to them and, referring to my glowing report, asking them which ball I had tested.  They replied to my email with a name and telephone number to call.  I did that and found that my test ball was the new NXT Tour S.  Rep said that those with black numbers were NXTs and those with with red numbers were DT Solo.

When you buy, make sure sleeve or carton says 2014 and specifically says NXT Tour S. Otherwise, you may be  buying last years ball.

Daniel A

Team titleist randomly selects team titleist members is my best guess. I received them last year and it was a great experience. The only problem is like the one guy said above he got his in October. If you live in the northeast that limits the number of "good" golf days. I would love to test a ball or two when it's nice out. It's a pretty cool feeling when you're playing a ball stamped with "test" on the side!

Kim G

I agree with you Roy.  I, also received a sleeve of test balls.  They were all black.  It was cold in New York when I tested mine, but they were great. ..good feel..good spin.. and they felt good coming off the putter face.  My problem was that I lost all three in the Fall leaves, before I could wear them out.  It was a shame that the test balls were not sent out in better weather...say July or August.  I really enjoyed getting them and I hope I get some more... I too. play the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S..  Hope you have great golf...

Jim M

I had the same problem. Got the sleeve late in the year. I wasn't able to play them until a long time after. I didn't complete my questionnaire because I thought the time period was probably over. Happy to do that if someone will send me the link. General impression for me was not near as good. I only had the red number but found them to be about equal to my current ball. I was surprised because every other test I have had, the test ball was noticeably improved. It might have been the conditions - 40's, windy, wet - but I played a competitor's ball beside it. I actually thought that I was sent a "control" ball to see if I would give a "placebo" report just because it was a test ball. Don't get me wrong. It was a good ball. It just wasn't a noticeably better ball. Certainly not something that I would expect if it was a next-generation premium ball like the ProV series. I certainly hope that I am not dropped from the list because I, too, consider it an honor to participate in this program. Jim M Frozen Akron OH

Ray B

Like Roy I played my first test ball in January. Had to go to Florida in order to play. Played 2 balls, the test ball and an nxt. My foursome marked the balls so I didn't know what I was playing. I hit all my drives near the centerline with both balls and within 10 yards of each other with neither ball being noticeably better. Scoring shots were a different matter. the test ball flew higher for me and stopped better on the green the only problem is that with high winds not knowing before hand what ball I was hitting the wind messed with my distance. The test ball flew a little shorter against wind and further with the wind. The ball is affected more that the nxt I was playing. I also tried the test ball against a mystery ball. The mystery ball and the test ball showed little or no difference. I am led to believe that the mystery ball was an nxt tour S. IF it turns out that the test was a nxt tourS I will give away my older model nxt's for the new S. If it is a whatever I do like the test ball. Now to play my 3rd ball. I would use the test ball if for no other reason I can't seem to lose them.

Bill S

I too would like know how to get on the list to receive test balss, etc?


Hello, I received one sleeve to test, but because of an injury and then cold weather, I was unable to test them. I'm hoping spring will soon be here and I can finally try them out.

Don H

Dr. Ernest K, Thanks for that info.  I have sent several emails to Titlist asking what I played with no answer.  I received a sleeve of the black numbered balls in late October.  It gets a little cold here in south east Michigan that time of year plus the club I play at is on the shores of Lake Erie which drops the temp even more. I got to play the test balls last day the club was open for the season.  I am 73 years old and had the best round of the year 41/40.  Just missed a 39 on the last hole.  This ball was considerably longer than the srxn Soft Feel balls I usually play.  It felt as soft so it had great feel off the clubs and putter.  Very straight and very long.  I am switching to the NXT Tour-S  now that I know what I played.  I have used both the "NXT Tour" and "NXT".  I like them but like the softer feeling of the soft feel.  I think I sacrificed distance with the srxn Soft Feel but used them because of the feel.  But no more, the Titlist NXT Tour-S will be my ball of choice for 2014.  Thanks again, Don

Dan B

Sounds like an amazing opportunity and honor to be apart of the titleist ball testing process


I played with them had a nice feel .I had fun playing them .Nice balls .For a below avg golfer from the age of 6 I love the game dead on greens fairway shot true but not long 

Thank you

Leonard Clifford

Janesville Wisconsin

Mark M

They feel a little softer on short shots.  Perfect on full swings.  Best part, the skn doesnt chew up as much as previous  models.