Test Balls

I agree with you Roy.  I, also received a sleeve of test balls.  They were all black.  It was cold in New York when I tested mine, but they were great. ..good feel..good spin.. and they felt good coming off the putter face.  My problem was that I lost all three in the Fall leaves, before I could wear them out.  It was a shame that the test balls were not sent out in better weather...say July or August.  I really enjoyed getting them and I hope I get some more... I too. play the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S..  Hope you have great golf...

I had the same problem. Got the sleeve late in the year. I wasn't able to play them until a long time after. I didn't complete my questionnaire because I thought the time period was probably over. Happy to do that if someone will send me the link. General impression for me was not near as good. I only had the red number but found them to be about equal to my current ball. I was surprised because every other test I have had, the test ball was noticeably improved. It might have been the conditions - 40's, windy, wet - but I played a competitor's ball beside it. I actually thought that I was sent a "control" ball to see if I would give a "placebo" report just because it was a test ball. Don't get me wrong. It was a good ball. It just wasn't a noticeably better ball. Certainly not something that I would expect if it was a next-generation premium ball like the ProV series. I certainly hope that I am not dropped from the list because I, too, consider it an honor to participate in this program. Jim M Frozen Akron OH
Like Roy I played my first test ball in January. Had to go to Florida in order to play. Played 2 balls, the test ball and an nxt. My foursome marked the balls so I didn't know what I was playing. I hit all my drives near the centerline with both balls and within 10 yards of each other with neither ball being noticeably better. Scoring shots were a different matter. the test ball flew higher for me and stopped better on the green the only problem is that with high winds not knowing before hand what ball I was hitting the wind messed with my distance. The test ball flew a little shorter against wind and further with the wind. The ball is affected more that the nxt I was playing. I also tried the test ball against a mystery ball. The mystery ball and the test ball showed little or no difference. I am led to believe that the mystery ball was an nxt tour S. IF it turns out that the test was a nxt tourS I will give away my older model nxt's for the new S. If it is a whatever I do like the test ball. Now to play my 3rd ball. I would use the test ball if for no other reason I can't seem to lose them.

I too would like know how to get on the list to receive test balss, etc?

Hello, I received one sleeve to test, but because of an injury and then cold weather, I was unable to test them. I'm hoping spring will soon be here and I can finally try them out.

Dr. Ernest K, Thanks for that info.  I have sent several emails to Titlist asking what I played with no answer.  I received a sleeve of the black numbered balls in late October.  It gets a little cold here in south east Michigan that time of year plus the club I play at is on the shores of Lake Erie which drops the temp even more. I got to play the test balls last day the club was open for the season.  I am 73 years old and had the best round of the year 41/40.  Just missed a 39 on the last hole.  This ball was considerably longer than the srxn Soft Feel balls I usually play.  It felt as soft so it had great feel off the clubs and putter.  Very straight and very long.  I am switching to the NXT Tour-S  now that I know what I played.  I have used both the "NXT Tour" and "NXT".  I like them but like the softer feeling of the soft feel.  I think I sacrificed distance with the srxn Soft Feel but used them because of the feel.  But no more, the Titlist NXT Tour-S will be my ball of choice for 2014.  Thanks again, Don

Sounds like an amazing opportunity and honor to be apart of the titleist ball testing process

I played with them had a nice feel .I had fun playing them .Nice balls .For a below avg golfer from the age of 6 I love the game dead on greens fairway shot true but not long 

Thank you

Leonard Clifford

Janesville Wisconsin

They feel a little softer on short shots.  Perfect on full swings.  Best part, the skn doesnt chew up as much as previous  models.