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David L

Just received 2 white sleeves from Acushnet for testing. No markings on the balls except a black circle on one sleeves balls and a black square on the other sleeves balls. Not even sure how they got my new address as I just moved a couple of weeks ago.

Anyone else get these? I think they are a pro v version, however I have not looked closely or been able to play yet. Looking forward to giving them a try this weekend.


After playing two rounds this past weekend with the balls did anyone else notice the Square Marked balls go higher?

Capt. Hook

There is no list, just be a member of Team Titleist (as I imagine you already are) and wait and see. It appears to be a completely random thing.

Julianna O

I finally broke 80! And I have no idea what ball I used! I am testing again today so we'll see if my stats continue to prefer the square.

Randy M

I played both balls today and I too am finding the square marked ball to be slightly longer than the circle. Both balls seemed to feel alike to me off of the clubface.

Tom L

Received 2 sleeves also on Saturday.  Looking forward to testing these out.  Thanks Titleist  for the opportunity!

Sean S

David and everybody 

I have gotten some solid time in now with the two sleeves and I believe the square is for sure a new pro v1X. The ball is doing the standard incredible things. It's like a rocket ship when u need it and a soft bird around the greens. The circle, I dunno. Feels hard at times and I wouldn't call it a Pro V1. Anyone else feel the same?

Capt. Hook

Kip P

WoW!!   Hit them for the first time today. Gave both balls a work out by playing 36 holes. I'll give a detailed review later but they both are absolutely awesome. I'm a 5 handicap and have played all the  premium balls on the market. These have to be the new pro V's. The circle version is at least a  half club longer than any ball I've ever hit.  The square marked ball which has to be the new X is almost a full club longer off the driver than any ball I've ever hit!   Both balls are crazy long and have that sweet short game spin. If these actually go to market I'll buy 20 dozen. They are that good!!  

What you claim is not possible... " is almost a full club longer off the driver than any ball I've ever hit!" unless these balls are non-conforming. It is a fact that both drivers and balls are now (and have been for some time) at the USGA limit for length off the clubface.

I played them alongside a current Pro-V1 and the difference was not close to that much. Same for my 1 Hcap buddy. In fact neither was longer than the other brand he played these against.

While one may be an improvement (and right now only slight improvements are possible) on the current model I think all this rah rah about how they are game changers is counterproductive to the tests we are meant to be carrying out.

We need to be cold and objective about what Titleist has asked us to test. How much better or different are they in the cold hard light of day.

I'll be putting mine on a Trackman tomorrow against the current Pro-V1 and the current NXT Tour S and I'll post spin rates and distances after I test them in a 'lab'. 

Kevin T

Julianna O

I finally broke 80! And I have no idea what ball I used! I am testing again today so we'll see if my stats continue to prefer the square.

well you better figure that out and get yourself a few dozen!

Elliott S

Hey Everyone, I received these test balls also last week. Was able to get out this weekend and play around with them. Circle test ball to me felt best all around, little softer and felt more like the Pro V1X in comparison to the black square test ball which seemed harder than the Pro V1X which is what I normally play. I felt both balls performed well around the green, just felt more comfort with the Circle. Thank you Titleist for doing this! Always enjoy receiving the test balls. Elliott

Bill P


  Just hope they're not done sending these out yet.....I always love to be part of these tests....!! This one sounds especially fun...!!


Steve D

I received mine late last week and have played 4 rounds now with the prototypes.  I've played with both the Pro V's and the Pro v1x for years and these are wonderful additions to the Titleist line.  I've hit some of the best shots, ever, in the past week and if Titleist has any of these left over, I'll be more than happy to pick up whatever you have lying around.

  I live in Eastern North Carolina and this past Sunday a weather front spun up several tornadoes in our area.  We played in winds gusting up to 35 mph and this ball (circle designation) was nothing short of amazing.  I was able to flight the ball with no problem, length and control never an issue.  My playing partner played the "square" ball with similar results.  I will, without question, be playing this product should you bring it to store shelves.  Looking forward to completing the survey and thank you for the chance to experience this great product.

Jake P

The square balls definitely better for me, I have a SS of 105 and I believe these are the new X.

Julianna O

Monday, April 28 - I tested the balls side by side again and because I had an initial bias towards the square ball - I had the golf pro black out the markings and he numbered 1 and 2 without me knowing which was which. Well, I was certain that I knew which was the square because of scoring better (only 2 strokes difference this time) and they both went about the same distance (unlike the first time). I still like them both very much on the greens. I was surprised to find that I actually picked the circle ball the second day. I hit more fairways and greens in regulation with the circle ball the second day. I have still not lost any of the balls so look forward to testing them again = perhaps another blind study. I broke 80 for the second day in a row so that is a huge breakthrough for me! I will note that I had bad allergies and was a bit under the weather on the second day so don't know if my less aggressive swing on the second day played a roll in the circle taking first place that day.

Kip P

 These balls performed amazing for me.  I played these testers at my club. I've played over 200 rounds there since 2011. I know every landing spot  and my capabilities. On 6 holes I hit to places never reached before on any round off my D3. All 6 of those shots happened on the same day with the testers.   Keep in mind I've played over 200 rounds in a two year period at this club.  Trackman is great but for me and my 913 d3 they flew to spots I've never reached.  Plus they both checked up nicely with  my sm4's on firm greens.  Look forward to hearing your Trackman results.  My playing partner who has been with me for over have those rounds even asked me if they were conforming.