Old ProV1x's and Picking current balls.

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Michael Z

Hi, all. The other day, a found a box of old 2009/2010 ProV1x's with the two dots on the end of the aim lines. I decided I might as well play them, because I am still not sure whether to play the new ProV1's or ProV1x's this season. I was freakishly surprised, because I certainly didn't flush all of the shots, but I was getting incredible spin and O.K. distance (compared to some Rocketballz ball I found in the water). I'd hit the ball 2 grooves from the top (yikes!) and the ball would still have one bounce and stop immediately. I'd always been told that the ProV1x's spin less than the ProV1's, so I was very curious. The driver distance definitely didn't fly as long as the new ProV1's (I had a sleeve of them in my bag), but there was so much more backspin and control.

Any thoughts???

For those who have played Titleist balls for years, what are your responses? How have you seen Titleist balls change over the years and which would you recommend?

Kevin T

I actually prefer the old version of the pro V1x. I feel like I can compress it more and have more control over the ball. I am trying to get used to the 2013 version but right now 2012/2011 version is in the bag right now. 

Do balls go bad if they are brand new and sit in a box?


I think as long as your golf balls are stored in moderate temperatures (ie. room temp or near), they will last a very long time... 5 to 6 years or so??  What does harm is extreme temperatures such as when you leave them in the trunk of your car during the heat of summer.