ProV1x versus ProV1

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Christopher H.

I normally play ProV1's since i love the soft feel but over the weekend I tried the ProV1x...  I can definitely tell the ball is a little harder but i seem to get more distance and control with the ProV1x..  Also felt great hitting the ball of the tee and irons.  Am i correct on that in regards to distance and control?

I've never been fitted for golf balls and now i'm thinking about doing it.   Hopefully they don't recommend the ProV1x.. I have 6 dozens of ProV1s sitting at home all personalized..  No chance of swapping those out..   

Don O

If you play around with the online ball selection tool, Titleist implies the results you are seeing. Every fitting I've had (retake the online many times and one driving range fitting) has had me fitted for Pro-V1x and Pro-V1 as the preferred balls. I need a little help off the tee and with longer irons for distance and control. I've not really compared the 2 - I've always compared the -1x to other vendor balls and nothing is better regardless of speed rating of the ball, even with a driver speed around 90. Hopefully, the V1 and V1x give you the same control in your short game to justify to continue using the -V1 supply you have. 5 yards off the tee box is less important than getting the ball within 5 yards of the pin going for the green.