Golf Ball Testing Question??

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Joey R

Guys and Gals,

How long did it take for you to get the test golf balls?

I got the email about a week and half ago and I still have not received them. 

I was just wondering how long it took everyone else to receive there's from when they got the email to when they received the golf balls.



Team Titleist

Hi all,

The last of the prototypes were shipped the other day, so depending on where you live in the U.S. it may take another few days. As long as all of your shipping information was accurate, up-to-date and completed in your profile,  you should receive the test sleeve by the end of next week.  We look forward to hearing your feedback once you've had a chance to test.

- Team Titleist 


I have tested the first balls sent to me, and have just received the second sleeve.  I can't find the place on the site where I am supposed to submit my findings.


Jacob J

I received my email on October 1st, my sleeve arrived in the mail today.  I'm located in VA if that helps you out any.

Richard M

Two weeks and I love them more then the prov1's   I had more control around the greens and they were six to ten yards longer.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I had.   Richard


I received the e-mail on October 1st, and the sleeve of prototype balls arrived in the mail today. I imagine that you should receive them within the next day or two! I played with them today, and I wish I could order a few dozen now! They are phenomenal in my opinion! They seem like a mix between the old Tour Balatas(sp?) and the Pro-V1x... Hopefully I didn't add to your anticipation too much more...haha

Joey R

I just got mine in the mail yesterday.

I am excited to test them.  I cannot wait.

Thanks for all the input.

matt d

it took me about 2 weeks

Michael J

I received my sleeve a few weeks ago and tried them out yesterday.  Had my first hole-in-one using the prototype!!

Hope I can find out when this prototype becomes available. I know I'll be switching to it. 


andrew p

took about 10 to 14 days , Im having trouble getting to the web site to write my review, I compared  mine to the pro v1x the nxt and the callaway warbird .. finished bout an hour ago and cant get on the website givin  wwith the instructions in the sleeve

maury h

I received my golf balls 10 days after the date of the email. They are a great ball. They have a very different dimple pattern.

Cathy E

Will we get to find out more about the test ball once people have submitted their surveys?  I have just submitted mine. :)

Phil M

About 2 -3 weeks --Tested them today In weather around 50 Degrees


Phil McMillan

Zack N

Hey Joey,

I recieved mine about a week ago and they are amazing FYI. I was wondering though if anyone here has the link to the survey or whatever we have to do to give Titliest feedback on? If you can help me out that would be awesome.

Thanks everyone,



i still have to reply. i just have not have the time.


OK. I get it. I'm just supposed to give some feedback here.  The first sleeve had black #'s.  The next had red #'s.  I assume the black is the new Pro-V-1 and the red is the new X.   Anyway, I finished testing the black #'s. Definitely longer off my driver. Similar distance off my irons. Great feel off my putter. Full shots from under 150, more "drop and stop" than "suck back spin" than the reg Pro-V-1. I'll start testing the red #'s next.



is the email the one where is gives you the sneek peak about the test golf balls


So is this where we are supposed to provide our feedback from testing?


I got mine about a week after the e-mail.

Phil M

Phil M

About 2 -3 weeks --Tested them today In weather around 50 Degrees  They played long even in cold weather.great reaction on the greens..


Phil McMillan