Golf Ball Testing Question??

i still have to reply. i just have not have the time.

OK. I get it. I'm just supposed to give some feedback here.  The first sleeve had black #'s.  The next had red #'s.  I assume the black is the new Pro-V-1 and the red is the new X.   Anyway, I finished testing the black #'s. Definitely longer off my driver. Similar distance off my irons. Great feel off my putter. Full shots from under 150, more "drop and stop" than "suck back spin" than the reg Pro-V-1. I'll start testing the red #'s next.


is the email the one where is gives you the sneek peak about the test golf balls

So is this where we are supposed to provide our feedback from testing?

I got mine about a week after the e-mail.

Phil M

About 2 -3 weeks --Tested them today In weather around 50 Degrees  They played long even in cold weather.great reaction on the greens..


Phil McMillan