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david b

I also tested the new ball posted my observations at the web site provided in the box I received them in (, the instructions indicated that I would need my team titleist username & password to login and complete the survey however these were not actualy required. I completed the survey but want to be sure that I responded to the correct place. I thought the ball felt much like a Pro V1X off of the tee with the driver but felt a little softer more workable with medium iron play and more like a regular Pro V1 chipping and putting.

Pete D

While I have played almost exclusively the ProV1x for the past 3 years (ProV1 prior to that), I was given a dozen TaylorMade Penta about 6 weeks ago and gave them a try. I found their performance was virtually identical to the performance I was getting from the ProV1x. The one significant advantage of the PENTA... it didn't scuff nearly as badly as the ProV1x on cartpath bounces from driver distance. I play at Atkinson Country Club in NH and they have asphalt cartpaths everywhere. The scuff we get from a cartpath is referred to as the "Atkinson Logo"!

I unfortunately didn't get the prototype in play before the weather turned cool, but I played it on Nov. 6th, mid-fifties, but I kept the balls indoors with my bag the night before, so the cold didn't affect it too much. I normally take an extra club in cooler weather. I had many shots go a bit long, despite the cool air. As a 3-4 index, I expect to be close to par fairly regularly, but at nearly 48 years old I don't hit it as far as I used to. I turned in a 1-under 71 with the prototype ball, so I'm looking forward to using it next Spring when it warms up! Thank you!

Malcolm M

I normally play the ProV1X ball. The test ball preformed very similiar to the ProV1X. I had a different sound when it left the club. I really didn't notice a change in distance.  It didn't spin as musc as the ProV1X. I still prefer the ProV1X. 


Hey im new to this site and was wondering how do i get to test out the prototype balls, i've looked all over this site and cant find out thought you might be able to help me after reading your post.


Titleist will randomly choose you as far as I'm aware.

John H

I'm curious if I received the wrong TEST golf balls to review.  Based upon the reviews on this thread, my experience was drastically different than anything I've read thus far.  I normally play the Pro V1x, have for the past several years.  This ball felt clunky off the face, traveled shorter distances, more difficult to control on approach shots.  Overall, a really bad golf experience, which is unusual for me and my Titleist products.   It got so bad at one point, I had to ask my playing partners if it was operator error (they said no....and they've played golf with me for close to 18 years now).

Good luck with the testing, Titleist, but I hope and pray this isn't the new golf ball for the spring.



Tom B

I have tested the balls but can't get to the site to complete the survey.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Tom B

I have tested the balls but can't get to the site to complete the survey.

Hi Tom,

Here are the URLs for the test panel surveys. Thanks for taking the time to participate and we look forward to your feedback.

If your test golf balls had black numbers, please visit: 
If your test golf balls had red numbers, please visit: 

I just tested both links again and you should be good to go. Thanks again! 

Kris M

just finshed playing the black numbered balls these are awesome the durabilty was better i have new vokeys and theses barely scared like my prov1s the spin is not as much as the prov1 and overall distances was great about 5-10 yards farther hit 2 monsters with them one 327 and another 333 on gps cant wait for these to come out thanks Titleist for another great product

Michael C

Yeah, I said the same thing in my testing of the ball... I thought they might call it the Pro V2x Ha! Ha! well sounds good anyway. I sure wish they would send us a dozen of them for testing the ball, that would be GREAT!!! I just love that ball. I normally play the Pro V1x.

Tom B

I'm with you Michael. I would love to get a dozen of those balls. If your like me I seem to loose balls.

Garry O

I had a different experience with the Black ball. I found that the ball spun more than the current production ball.  I loved the feel with the short shots, the added spin was nice.  it reminded me of the "Professional,"soft, lots of spin, high launch. 

Cathy E


Will there be a summary posted of all of the surveys for Team Titleist members to read?  I'm just curious to see what everyone reported.  I seem to be one of the few that didn't get any noticable extra distance compared to the other balls I played with.  I was impressed with the cover and it felt good coming off the putter, but was disappointed when I didn't get length like others were reporting (I got the red number).  I'm hoping it was because I was playing in cooler MN weather at the time. Thanks, Cathy



How can I get in on the testing of the prototype balls?

Louis S

I really loved the prototype ball. It drove long yet had great feel. The dimple pattern was interesting. I played today and used one of the test balls I had already played 36 holes with. It's very durable. I hope they hit the shelves just like they came out of the box I got! Thanks Team Titleist!