Stolen Golf Bag

Well, as essential as we believe golf to be, it can be a luxury. golf manufacturers are allowed to protect fair trade pricing.  My local store shared a story about some Ping clubs.  It was a college age guy that worked on the owner for about an hour for a better deal.   Finally asked him to throw in a hat that was on sale for free.  Just to get it over, he agreed.  Busted, and lost the franchise for 3 months.  My Titleist fitter also fits Ping, and also acknowledges Ping does not allow a penny. 

Titleist dealers have the option to do free fittings which figure into the profit margin.  There are more shaft options than "stock" with S/R/A shafts.  So the clubs do not offer price but value.  It's unfortunate about any loss but Titleist did deal with you fairly if not sympathetically.  I doubt the Lexus offers any better price for a loss replacement than they do on a new customer.

Just so you know. The places you go that say you can't get a discount on Titleist merchandise because Titleist won't let them is false. I have dealing with a golf course that sets the prices to be competitive. Titleist has a suggested retail price. You don't have to sale at that price. The course or the company sets the prices. So go to a local course retailer to get your equipment.