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Mark S

Well, somebody ripped off my bag at my local golf course. Yeah I Know. But heres the worst. I go replace all my stuff.



910 driver

910 - 3 & 5 wood

3 vokey wedges

scottie putter

new  titleist bag

Can you imagine I paid list price for all this stuff? I couldn't even get a free titleist hat out of the deal

COMMON TITLEIST loosen up. Your just like Rolex

Hopefully someone from TT will send me a sleeve of balls to test or a free hat lol




Brian C

Titleist does this to protect the brand.  As a manufacturer in the CE market we do the same.  The only way to prevent your products from being commoditized on the internet is to protect the retailer by having zero tolerance for violating policies to sell a brand.  By allowing retailers to discount products at their whim, your products will be racing to zero because each retailer will be trying to beat each other for the deal.  Is it frustrating to the consumer? Sure just as much as it is frustrating for brands because you have the others out there that give deep deals so they become more popular BUT not because they are better, but cheaper.  As it is commonly known in manufacturing, no one wins a price war.  There will always be someone cheaper.  


On the note of your equipment getting swiped, that would suck.  Makes me nervous now...LOL... 

Mark A

It sure stinks that you had all that great gear stolen.

I don't know how golf club memberships are structured in the U.S, but here in Australia, or at the very least at my club, we pay a small fee for insurance as part of our yearly membership fees.

I have travelled with my clubs many times now without a care in the world.

This is because I know that if anything was to happen to my sticks, I would get new ones straight away, no questions asked!  

Todd P

It is terrible your clubs were stolen.  But I also agree that Titleist and a few others do not allow a retailer to give a discount.  The retailer takes the hit, not Titleist.  And since Titleist sets what they sell it to there retailers, they still in essence control the price.  If Golfsmith wants to give $50 off when you buy a set of irons for $1000, it should be allowed.  I do play strictly Titleist right now, but I do not enjoy there pricing restriction on there retailers. 

I guess the only thing I can say is Titleist is consistent.  The CEO of Acushnet's son, Peter Uihlein, played in the U.S. and British opens and Master's with Titleist irons that were made in 2003.  I guess even the CEOs son doesn't get a discount.  LOL


I agree with the others about your loss. That said, I don't buy clubs at the retail level for just the reasons you stated. I purchased mine thru my local Pro and got a nice discount. It seems that while most retailers cannot do anything for you, a Club Pro is always willing to get the business and give you something. I got a great discount on my clubs and a dozen golf balls to boot.

Todd P


I agree with the others about your loss. That said, I don't buy clubs at the retail level for just the reasons you stated. I purchased mine thru my local Pro and got a nice discount. It seems that while most retailers cannot do anything for you, a Club Pro is always willing to get the business and give you something. I got a great discount on my clubs and a dozen golf balls to boot.

You aren't going to want to tell Titleist this.  If they catch the pro doing this he loses his Titleist account.....

Austin M

I think someone who steals golf clubs should get the death penalty

Josh G

That's terrible that some low life stole your clubs.  I never let my bag leave my site.  I'll go to the pro shop, pay for my round, check in with the starter and then get my clubs out of my trunk.  If I'm playing with friends, we'll always watch eachother's bags when someone is running for a tasty beverage or a restroom break at the turn.  If you don't have insurance, instead of complaining to Titleist-

File a police report.  Call local shops, even pawn shops, that sell used clubs and see if they have your stuff.  So many folks will swipe stuff and bring it to used swap shops.  The good news is, any used shop will take an ID from anyone who brings in clubs to trade/consign.  Also check Ebay and see if your clubs pop up there.  Maybe YOU can catch this lowlife.

Titleist has been nothing but a friend to me.  They make the best equipment in the game, their customer service is top notch, and they even provide a forum for use to actually talk to people in the company. They do contests, send out free stuff, test stuff, give away tickets to events, and other great things.   When you pay for clubs, you get what you play for.  If you buy a Titlest club and it's defective, they should (and will) help you out.  If your club gets stolen, I don't think Titleist is to blame.  Just my opinion.


I totally agree. My clubs were just stolen as well and when the police came out (who was also a golfer at my course) he asked why. I didn't call 911, haha. Thanks to insurance, I have a very similar setup as yours, and I agree a couple free golf balls or something would be nice, but just the look on all my friends faces when I pulled those sticks out of my trunk were totally worth it! They are incredible, I just wish those thieves wld have waited til November so I could have gotten the 712s... So inconsiderate!

Pete D

Mark, a couple of things... Too bad about your gear. Titleist headcovers are sharp looking, but are also a flashing neon sign for thieves. Second, without meaning to sound cruel, NOT having insurance is also known as "self-insurance", a.k.a. "I'll take my chances and pay for it myself if they get stolen". One last bit of advice, register your new gear on and record the serial numbers in a safe place. Good Luck

Chad P

I get so tired of watching the news these days and listening to people wanting something for nothing. Stinks what happened to you but why should the company lose money because you did not secure your clubs. This site was one place in this whinny world that I could get away from that.. Personal responsibility, if more people would take it Maybe this country would improve... Sorry guys this just touched a nerve.

greg p

OK, I understand fair trade pricing.  But realistically, If you're going to spend 3 grand on a whole new set of clubs you should have been able to find someone willing to throw in a couple dozen balls and a bag.

I've never bought as much as you at one time, but have always been able to get something knocked off.  Last year, I bought a set of irons for my son and got a bag tossed in.  You have to ask.  If the answer is NO, then you have to decide whether you want to pay full price or walk/buy something else.  It's ultimately a consumer choice.  But, like I said, you should have been able to negotiate something to ease the pain.

Next time, get some insurance.  It's cheap and the ultimate solution for protecting yourself and your belongings.

Wesley S

Mark goto Alf's Golf in Coral Gables..they will take care of you. TRUST ME.

greg p

Sounds like a place that will work with you and needs to be supported for doing so.  I'll have to look them up myself next time I'm down there.

I like Budget Golf  in Joliet, IL.  They do a lot of online stuff.

James H

Mark S
Trey, I have no insurance so I paid out of my savings. The reason I'm BLASTING TITLEIST is because they don't allow thier retailors to discount thier stuff. Any other company gives discounts. I went to Dicks, Edwin Watts, and Golfsmith. They all told me they can't take 10 cents off any Titleist product. thanks, Mark


No discounts means you're getting the best price you can.  Although I got my set up at the pre black friday sale an got 10% off.

Insure your stuff and don't leave them unattended. That really sucks but unless Titleist stole your clubs it's not their fault.

Sorry to hear about your clubs though.