Yellow Pro V1/Pro V1x

I also hit the yellow ball  during the winter months. With the ruff and fairways dorment it is a help. One of my buds gave our group a sleeve of the Bridgstone orange balls. Talk about being able to track shots...

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Dr. David K
Thanks for letting us know that Titlest does not have plans for a Yellow pro v. I hope they will consider adding one soon. Does Titliest have plans to issue a Yellow NXT? I did find some Yellow DT Roll balls on a UK website last year, will those be sold in the US? Thanks for taking my questions. David

Hi Dr. David K.,

Thanks for the post. While we do not have any details available on any future golf ball releases as of right now, we will certainly keep Team Titleist up-to-date with any information as it becomes available. Stay tuned!


The new Watts catalog has the NXT yellow in it.

Hi I see that Edwin Watts is showing a NTX Tour-S in Yellow
Hi Mike, You work fast, thanks for getting the yellow ball out so quick. I look forward to playing the new ball. David

I have difficulty seeing the ball past about 200 yards. I am now playing the Z Star X tour Yellow because I can see it much better and from much farther away. Many of the guys I play with agree, it is easier to see. I don't know if there is any clinical data/research to support this but it works for me. I also find it to be more durable than the ProV1/X. I would love to see a yellow Pro V!!

They are making the DT-SoLo in yellow, as long as the NXT you might have already seen.

well plan on it, we the consumers want yellow pro v1 and pro v1xs