Which Golf Balls am I testing?


Dan G

I received a sleave of Titleist golf balls this past week and asked to take a survay for Prototype2, it had a putting line that said TEST, and a Red number. 

I am hoping they release these golf balls, because my test results were very favorable.  They were long, consistent in the wind, and had a soft feel off chip shots and the putter. 

Would love to know what I was hitting, so I can keep an eye out for them.


Red #s are ProV1x balls.    ProV1's are black #


I would have lost the farm when I compared my sleeve to the pro v1's I have, could have sworn they were nxt tours with the dimple pattern.

I also received a sleeve of ProV1 balls for testing however, I cannot get on the site to input my results. Id there another link I can use? The results are fantastic, love them.

I also received the Prototype2 test balls and they fly higher and longer with driver, hybirds and longer irons; I felt they did very well on full wedge shots from 100 yards in, they seemed to not spin as well from 40 yards in and half wedges, pitches and chips however I could get use to them quickly since the rest of the game was impressive with these balls. Hopefully we can get additional information on these balls.

My sleeve arrived this past Saturday, just in time for Hurricane Sandy to shut our course down (Lawrence GC, Long Island, NY).  I am hoping to be able to get out and demo these before it's too late.

I was one of the fortunate to receive the sleeve of Test balls. on Monday. Weather was giving me fits until Wed. and while a tad cool, (51 degs.) and wind out of NW at 15 to 20, I layered up and got in a round with the test balls against my favorite while here at home. the ProV1x.

The test was, in my humble opinion, really worth it. I was impressed with the increased distance, off my driver and 4 & 5 irons. With mid irons, also increased distance, and with the wedges I was really impressed with the sticking power of the ball from distances of 80 to 20 yds. Also liked the really soft feel of the new ball and it seemed to have a lower spin rate with the driver and upper numbered irons 4 - 6. Overall, the test balls out-performed the ProV1x. That said, some of it may have been due to the weather conditions as I have found in the past that I have to go to a different Titleist ball, (NXT Tour) for the colder weather, anything below 55 degs. here in Iowa to achieve the same results from the ProV1x I normally get in the warmer weather.

My last comment on this was ask that Titleist let me know when this new ball becomes available so I can purchase a dozen. 

Hunter P

how did you recieve these balls? i would like to try them on the course but dont know where to get them

I am trying to take the survey and I cannot get in...what is up?  They proper link was entered several times.

I played  the type1 today over 36 holes and loved the ball. My first round was using my  Jpx800 pro irons (forged) and on my second round I switched to  eye 2 (cast).                                                                                                                                              My score on the first round was 84 and the second was 82. the temperature ranged from 77 to 82 degrees an a 9 mph wind.

The type 1 consistently went about 5 to 7 yards longer off the driver and about the same range off my fairway woods.  What most surprised me was how well the ball held on shots into the green. While most shots stopped within 12 to 18 inches of its pitch mark two shots drew back.

Shots struck well felt a little firmer than my regular ProV but I seemed to control them better.

I am interested in finding out more about the change in the dimple pattern.

Received and tested prototype balls, but I cannot seem to get onto the survey online. Can I have more specific instructions on how to access the survey? 

Thank You


my guess is this- the titleist staff can see what ball you say that you play on your profile, so they send you a sleeve of test pro v1/x depending on what you said. for example, on my profile i said that i play pro v1xs, and in the mail, i recieved a ball with a red number. may be a coincidence, but who knows.

There is no way the black balls are ProV1's, I play that ball and the black ball is closest to the NXT Tour, or even the velocity

Thanks, as a long time fan of the ProV and ProV1x, I would be very dissapointed if this ball (black numbers) replaced them.  Fairways off the tee aside, this ball is not great with the scoring clubs; it's a stone.

Played the balls...    black #1 ...great distance on drives .. but like others ,answered survey but was not ask about any login info  .... buckyd24

Seems like a really good ball! I got the red # ones and played with them yesterday. It was a crowded public course so no direct comparison. I played the same ball all day (until #18 when it found the water). I seemed to pick up a few extra yards with the driver, 3 wood and hybrid. Didn't seem to have too much side spin but I was able do draw or fade the ball when i needed (that is, when my swing cooporated). Good feel with the irons, checked up well on the greens and responded well chipping and putting.

My only question is - can I Pre-order a dozen??

I am anxious to know for sure what ball this is

I just tested the same ball yesterday and it feels and is durable like a v1x off the tee but the spins and feels like a v1 with middle irons in.  Dimple pattern was a 1x, spun like heck with a 60 from 50 in.

Interesting.. I got balls for a survey and they said test and had a black number.. I believe the black is the prov1 and the red is the x.