Price of Golf Balls

That's the thing.  In my first post, I stated that I wouldn't switch because I'm a loyal Titleist supporter and would stay by their side until something different happens.  I also realize that prices for everything else is going up as well.  I just wanted to let Titleist now that I was a little dissappointed that they rose the prices that much.  I for one won't be able to afford the Pro V1's if the stores do end up selling them at that price.

For most of us, last year's model and the new version are no different.  Just buy last year's model at Dick's or Sports Authority for $39.99. 

I will tell you one iritating thing though.  I hate that Titleist excludes their products for any coupons at Golf Warehouse, Golfsmith, Dick's and Sports Authority though.  If they would allow the use of coupons on their products, I would buy more balls.  Instead, I use a ball until it is really scuffed up to save costs. 

Start with a brand new ball every round and if it gets trashed then so be it.  If i don't lose it, it goes into my bag and is the replacement if I lose the brand new ball I start the next round with.

I agree with you Zach.  It stinks because Titleist and other manufacturers are usually excluded when sites and stores are having sales on their products.  As for the previous model, I will definetly consider that because I believe they still play the same as the new ones.

Guys, I truly believe Titleist has the best product.  BUT BUT BUT   there are a lot of good balls out there and the competition is getting tighter every year.  As such the market is going to dictate how much a manufacturer is going to be able to get away with in terms of price increases.  Sooner or later it is going to be met with resistance and price sensitive consumers will walk to a competitor.  You need to decide what is the best balance point between game improvement and impact on your budget.

Wade C

$39 is for prior generation models.  The current model Pro V1 and Pro V1X are $47.99

Golfsmith here is still at 39.99 for 2012.  

Dick's and Golfsmith have them in Chicago @ $45.  Old model is still available at $39.99