Posting Golf ball test results

I can log in but cannot find where to post my conclusions for the Test ball.




Love the test balls.   Do we ever get to know what they eventually become?   I can I get to test a driver?:-)

John Moser

what is survey e-mail address

john b

what is survey e-mail address

Hi John,

Check out my post above. It has all of the info. Thanks!

I could not post my survey even when I copy and pasted the address.

Craig m Bennett

Craig B

I could not post my survey even when I copy and pasted the address.

Craig m Bennett

Hi Craig,

Did you try clicking on one of the links I posted above? I just tried both links and was able to reach the survey without any issues. Please keep in mind, you only need to click on the link that corresponds with the test golf balls you received. Keep me posted.


- Mike

 Hi Mike, thanks for clarifying again.  I am again excited to have participated in the testing and hoping to see if results will be published.  I can only imagine the TEST balls are the new 2013 ProV's.  Can't wait until the release as well as the testing groups findings.


Thanks agian,


No problem with test results. Great ball! When will it come onto the market?

I would like to know exactly which ball I tested.  I assume it was the Pro V1x, but you never know.  I shot a nice little 71 with the test ball on Saturday.  I tested two of the test balls a few weeks ago and took the survey.  They seemed pretty good compared to the current Pro V1x.  However, I had one left in my bag and used it for the full 18 on Saturday.  The ball performed great.  I hit 13 of 13 fairways and 15 of 18 greens.  I had 33 putts, but my speed and lag putting was awesome.

I need to make sure I was using the new Pro V1x.  :) 

Here in CT it's cold and windy.  So testing had some problems to insure test results were useful.  It seems to ball I tested appeared slightly harder then my Pro/V1 or even a Pro/V1x.  Distance was at least the same or slightly longer.  Spin was good - putting ran excellent.

Winter has started early - buy in my opinion the ball is really good.

Rich Bell

If this really is the new 2013 ProV then you have converted me. I started with ProV 's a few years ago changed to B'stone and  now after playing the prototype I am back to Titleist ProV. Longer, straighter drives and wedges that stop on a dime. I can right at the flag-stick. I would call this new ProV the Titleist ProV Pro-Am.  A ball for amatuer players with professional characteristics.

Bill S.

Here in Northwest Ohio we had a fabulous weekend, temps running mid 60's with slight breeze, perfect conditions to test the new Prototype2 balls. I played both Sat and Sun and tested vs my ProV1. I'm a 14 handicap so not a great player but I do some things right.

First thing I noticed was the wonderful muted sound off the driver. I then hit a new '09 Pro V1 to compare and this ball sounded harsher, I prefer the sound at impact of the Prototype2 ball. Also drive was straight and 5-10 yards longer with test ball.

With the  short irons,  I hit an 8 iron from 130 yards out and ball hits green and spins side ways to the right. Ditto with the 7 iron. Never had that happen with Pro V1 as it just drops and stops. So not sure if this was me or the ball

Greens had been plugged and had sand all over the surface. Test ball would not check with the wedges. I then hit some wedge shots with the Pro V1 and this one somewhat least it stopped rolling quicker.

Over all, I really liked the Prototype2 ball as this was straighter off the driver (less spin) for me as I struggle somewhat with a fade. On the greens.... If I can get it to check just a little bit more (better greens might help) I would be very interested in purchasing a box for better test next spring.

Last but not least.......THANK YOU Titleist for giving me the chance to participate in this test/surveyof this new ball.


Love the new prototype ball.  I was playing last Saturday with my dad and his friends and using the new ball had my second career hole in one.  179 yards with a 5 iron.  Posted a 75 for the day...and of course lost money to the old guys!

Keep up the good work!


I tested some balls for Titleist a couple of years ago and left detailed feedback.  I wasn't chosen this time around.

My friend was, however, and I did get to play the new prototype ball.  I liked it very much!

Plenty of distance,  enough spin to stop irons but somehow side-spin from hooks/slices didn't seems to be very punitive. 

Great putting feel and roll.  Hope this ball gets put into production!