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Christian J

I just saw these on pga.com.  Apparently these are what the new ProV series is going too look like.  I like the sleeker look of the ProV, compared to the previous model.  I sure hope they will be the ones I tested, because I loved those!

Bill B

I hope you are right.  I loved the Prototype 2 I tested.  If they are the new ones, I wish they would let us know which test ball was what.


Christian J

I'm pretty sure the test ball you received is the ball you play most.  

Daniel H

When is Titleist releasing 2013 pro v1 and pro v1x

Gregory S

I am pretty sure the test ball 2 was the prov 1x. That is what I got and is what I play. I couldn't agree more on loving the ball. I played the best round of the season with it. It seemed like it just did what I expected it to do. 

brian k

I loved the balls i received also. Loved them!!! Love the look of those, cant wait for those to hit the shelf!!!

Bill L

I am pleased to know it was what I thought it was.

Joshua L

My guess be would a February 2013 release along with the 913f, fd, and h. This is just a guess though.

Christian J

I have to agree with everyone, loved the new balls.  My guess would be them being released in February, that is when they released them last year.

lance m

Pretty sure that's the new ball. Rickie Fowler Tweeted a picture of his new ProV1X the other day and its looks just like that.