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Greg K

Thanks for the prototype balls.  It was fun to do as I don't often hit two shots with different balls to see how they compare to each other. 

Joe L

It was great testing the new test balls. They appear to be about 10-15 yards longer than then the … pro v1 more like the  pro v1x… still a loved the way they hit and stopped on the greens and not draw back 5 ft. or more  … great ball thanks for the chance to hit it.

T Fizzo

I also was very happy to get a sleeve to test, but very disappointed in the performance of the prototype ball.  I've been a Titleist only player for 15 years, but this new ball coming out might change that.  It looks great, but performs like a DTsolo.  I know this is only prototype, so I hope the changes will make it a better ball.

Spencer B

how did you get the protoypes?

Joe L

Team Titleist sent it to me , I never knew it was coming. Came through the regular mail…  hope you get some.


jeff b

Anyone know what the link is to submit the review?

Thanks in advance,