2013 TEST ball

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Ryan M

Finally gave my sleeve of test balls (V1X) a run this weekend. Compared with the '11 model I was playing, it has slightly less spin off the tee and a more stable ball flight. Through the bag the ball flight was much better in the headwinds and crosswinds that the '11 model. Similar performance spin-wise around the green but the feel was much softer. Looking forward to playing this in the upcoming season

anthony p

Awesome, that's great to know.  How do you find this compares to the hex blacks?  I usually bounce between those, tm blacks, and z stars.  Once I establish enough of a comfort level with 1 ill stick with that.

i hit quite ambit of spin off my wedges and drivers, so if the new x spins less and flies straighter off my driver I might have to grab a sleeve