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Is Costco no longer carrying Titleist Tour Distance? My Costco doesnt have them and you cant get them on their website either. I love these balls and $29.99 for 2 dozen is awesome!

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  1. anthony p

    I am going to take a guess that those are a seasonal item.  If they met costcos sell thru expectations they will likely be back in April/may...that's my best guess at least!

  2. Karl W

    I can't believe it either.  Just went to Costco over the weekend.  These are (were) great balls at a great price.  What's worse is that they replaced them w/ Calloway Black something or another.  The horror. 

  3. Christian J

    I was at Target on Sunday, and they had a ton there.  Might want to check them out.

  4. Don O

    Other sporting goods store that are not "pro shops" (not like Dick's that are) may also carry them.  I don't know if McSports is a regional or national chain, but they have TD as well as previous versions of NXT, NXT Tour, and DT Solo.  And none of the current NXT Tour/NXT Tour-S or DT Solo versions.

  5. Tom S.

    I also seen them at Dick's Sporting goods for that price..Good deal!

  6. 19hole

    the Tour distance is not a current ball in the titleist lineup. I would suspect that once they are gone you will not see them again....

  7. Monty m

    Was at Target yesterday and they had Tour Distance in stock.

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