2013 pro v1 & v1x

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titleist fan 1

What are the differences in spin in these two balls,looking on your your golf ball fitting education and on spin section it says that the 2013 pro v1x should spin more around the green then the 2013 pro v1  is this true for anyone or vs last years around the green personally I'm a pro v1x player and Im 15 off +0.9 and live in the uk so can't buy them yet however I like a lot of spin around the green so what's your thoughts thanks 

Daniel R

ProV1 has much more spin than last year. It has a new Elastomer-Polyurathrane (Correct me if im wrong on that) Cover

ProV1x. is longer off the tee with less spin. It flys slightly higher off irons.

You Really have to play them side by side or alternate hole by hole to find what is best for your game.