Based on sales numbers, what order are Titleist's balls from highest to least?

Started by : Kevin H |

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Kevin H

I was curious to see which Titleist ball had the highest sales numbers and wondered how they ranked from highest to lowest.  I would love to play the Pro V1 or V1x but for economic reasons play the DT SoLo for now.  In fact shot my lowest front 9 with a one over 37 with the DT SoLo yesterday, not bad for a "rookie" 54 year-old.  I think my playing partners where jealous of my Yellow SoLo, HA! 

Michael B

Keep playing that yellow SoLo, Kevin.

Geoffrey B

I think the solo is a great ball for the money.

greg p

It's a nice ball.  Why switch if it works for you?



Try buying MINT/5A Titleist golf ball there are several outlets that sell all the latest models 

I have been play'n  5A/MINT USED NXT Tour S balls Just like new for a buck per ball on a winter sale deal 

 Had to buy 8 DZN  so now I can practice with what I play with

25 balls to chip with in the back yard, 25 to chip & putt at my local coarse and the rest to play the 2013 season with.

Quality balls at a very reasonable price





I have used balls from a couple of other sites and both have very good deals.