TEST Titleist Pro V1 Balls

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David K

To the Staff here at Team Titleist, I am sorry it has taken this long to do my R&D for these test balls. I had some problems with my back and I am now back to 100%. Got to go out today and put them to work. I will be sending my survey in soon (probably to late for that now). I will then post here how I handled doing my R&D for Team Titleist. After hitting the range for a couple of times before I did my R&D to make sure that I was 100%, it felt good to finally get back on the course on do this R&D. Again, I am sorry for the delay and Thank You so much to Team Titleist for sending me the sleeve of test balls to try out. It was an honor.



Chris H

At least you got to test.  I got my balls, and a day later we got hit with a damn hurricane and then winter was here and is back again tonight.  I am hoping to test them in April or May.


It must be a honour being one of the first to test the worlds best balls..