ProV1x +, Whats the difference

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Daniel R

My fried got this at Riviera today from Webb Simpson. What is the difference between this and retail ProV1x balls? I noticed that the dimples are much larger.

cam j

Hi i was at the northwestern trust open and watching the pros putt and Webb Simpsons caddie walked up and handed me two brand new out of the box balls of Webbs. When i looked closer the ball said ProV1x+. I was wondering what is the difference of this and the ProV1x. 

Team Titleist Staff

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Daniel,

The golf balls have the same basic construction from the core, casing, cover and dimple pattern. The only minor difference is the Pro V1x+ has a slightly higher flight.

Daniel R

Will these ever be released to the public? I was inspecting the dimples and noticed the ridges are slightly farther apart. Would be awesome to try these some day.

Trying to get picture uploaded

Daniel R

sorry for repeat post

Walt L

Those would be a great addition

Brett H

Thanks for posting a pic.

very interesting.