Best golf balls for beginners?

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edan O

My handicap is roughly 25, I play reasonably frequently. What sort of balls should I be using to manage the spin? 

Don O

DT Solo and Velocity are the best Titlist options.  They definitely feel different, so the preference will be yours.

If you play regularly, consider some help.  If you don't want to spend a lot of time in a series of lessons, the Titleist app for the I-products can help you see your flaws.  Usually local public/municipal courses will offer improvement series, often in July.  The difference for my at a 27 was the DT Solo would be up against the OOB line and a better control ball would be somewhere in the next county, further OOB than down the fairway.  Correcting 2 primary flaws, it is a lot more fun in or close to the fairway.