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Yellow ProV1

John C

Are there any plans to introduce thr ProV1 line in yellow?  I lost most of the vision in one eye, and now have a difficult time seeing the white ball in flight especially on overcast days.  My preference is Titleist but I do not like the Tour S.

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  1. Skylar T

    There have been other discussions on this topic and they said that there are no current plans for a yellow prov1. 

  2. Mitch747

    Who want's to play a cowardly ball. It's probably afraid of heights and won't fall in the hole.

  3. Don O


    Who want's to play a cowardly ball. It's probably afraid of heights and won't fall in the hole.

    Besides unfortunate medical problems, the front end of the baby boomers just don't follow white balls down the fairway as well as optic yellow (my wife's pink balls are not as easy to follow as white, though..).  Too bad Titleist is trusting loyalty in this group faced with difficult choices looking at other brands solely to get a performance ball in optic.  The market segment is growing, but I guess the expectation is they will move to a softer 2 piece ball rather than another brand.

  4. Andy S

    I agree with john and would buy ProV1 or/and V1x in optic yellow.  They are so much easier to follow and find in the rough/leaves than white ones and I have sometimes bought srxn balls in past instead of Titleist whites because of this.  When I play most seriously I want to use titleist balls and so am still using ProV1x in competitions/serious fun matches and on the best courses when I travel.  Titleist would get all my business instead of some of it if they offered their best balls in bright yellow!

  5. Ron S

    I also agree with John & Andy! High Optic Yellow is easier to see anywhere on the course for young, mid & older players.

    This doesn't mean the Pro's or "Wanna-be Pro's" have to use them. It's all Personal Choice. There are a lot casual and amature players that would benefit from a High-Optic Yellow ball. It would be nice to have a choice with a High-Optic Yellow or White in the ProV1, ProV1X, NXTTour & NXT TourS. This cover most of your customer base.

    I know you can't please everyone but, You have to consider "what's your largest customer base"???

    Thanks for your outstanding products!


  6. Francisco B

    i couldnt agree more guys ive gone through a couple brands as well just for the color but love the playablility of prov's and like mentioned previously most people that i talk to that are anywhere from tour serious to just fun like to play pro v's it would be beneficial to both ends

  7. Golf4evr

    I would agree that the optic yellow would be nice in the prov and x's but I imagine it would create a lot of expense for the Titleist  operations. Those of us that would like one will still buy the white or would we transfer our buying to the yellow, still either way they get our business. On the other hand , think, now the ones that are personalizing the balls it would be double the trouble for Titleist to make the manufacturing runs for the color , then the personalization. Now lets look at marketing, more shelf space at the pro shops, more box design, and more inventory problems for manufacturing.     Well? Would that be a greater market share for Titleist? Would the players then shift from current balls to the number one for just the color? Would you as a player buy both white and yellow to play in your outings with? Don't give me the courage stuff about a yellow, years ago you would not be caught dead playing in a pink shirt, now you have pink in all facets of the game. So yes, optic would be nice, but it is up to Titleist to weigh the pros and cons as to the benefits to the corporate position. And we as players can support what ever they decide and not keep begging or complaining. I think the best is your getting to play the number one ball and your doing it above the grass not looking up from under wishing you could be playing!

  8. Jonathan B

    I have moved 50% of my buying to another brand for the Optic Yellow. 

    Use it for overcast, early, or dusk conditions. Also for any course I am not familiar with. 

    I prefer the Titleist product, but I prefer seeing the ball more. 

  9. Charles G. Conner

    I switched from the Titleist Pro V1 to the Titleist GrandZ yellow golf ball for the winter. The yellow Titleist golf ball allowed me to better see it as it lay with leaves and dead fairways plus it was easier to follow when the ball traveled thru backgrounds and skys that were difficult to see a white golf ball. I also prefer to play Titleist golfballs, but I don't like how  the Titleist Tour S performs.

  10. titleist fan 1

    Yellow golf balls look unprofessional and should not even be considered on a premium line up of golf balls, if your playing a ball like the pro v1 and pro v1x you should be able to tell where the ball was struck on the face and you should know the distances you hit each club, there for you should always be able to locate where the ball finished before you have even arrived at the point, if your not able to have consistent distances or tell where you struck the ball on the face a NXT TOUR-S or DT-SOLO (Titleist's yellow models) would more then likely be a better fit anyway.

  11. Greg F

    I have to disagree! You are talking about my game, and Titleist ball fitters would also disagree. Without my corrective glasses I cannot drive. There are times in flat light that I just cannot see my ball in flight. Catch the end of a tree limb and you have no idea where it went. With an optic yellow ball I can follow the ball in flat light conditions. If I connect with the ball well, I might be another 10 yards longer. This can mean over the green, or in a trap or who knows where. I attended a Titleist ball fitting several years ago, and hit almost the entire line of balls. The Pro V1 was the best ball for me according to the Titleist ball fitters. I play different Titleist balls and other brands at times, and I can tell you the Pro V1 brings the best results. I play them better than the Pro V1x, that I used today. It just fits my game better. I hope you do not get to the point that you need assistance in seeing the ball, but it does come with age!

  12. titleist fan 1

    I understand what you are saying Greg F however I have always been against a yellow ball however at 15 off +0.6 I doubt that I will need a yellow ball at the moment, but in the future I might however I doubt I could ever do that, I really don't like them but for the time being I think we will have to agree to disagree.

  13. Don O

    titleist fan 1

    I understand what you are saying Greg F however I have always been against a yellow ball however at 15 off +0.6 I doubt that I will need a yellow ball at the moment, but in the future I might however I doubt I could ever do that, I really don't like them but for the time being I think we will have to agree to disagree.

    Good for you.  No one is asking you to buy a yellow ball.  Are you saying if Titleist offered a yellow option in addition to white in the ProV line, you would change to another premium ball that didn't come in yellow?
    All the rest of us over 50 that are requesting the option are asking because we don't even see the white ball come down - it disappeared into a gray sky long before 200 yards.  I would even use the NXT Tour instead of a ProV1x, but I prefer that to the -S, so I have to go with a 3rd or 4th choice just to get yellow.  I also play a lot of courses on business trips.  Knowing how far I hit the ball doesn't help on a par 5 that I don't know the distance I am from the tee box.
  14. don L

    Please make a yellow pro-v1 thanks don love

  15. Ron S

    "Look unprofessional and shouldn't be considered"... REALLY??? This day & age??? REALLY!?!?!?

    First of all, "You" have nothing to worry about because there will always be White Pro V1's and Pro V1X's for all golfers.             Just because Titleist makes a different colored ball doesn't mean you have to buy/use it. Don't you "Trust your ball" just like me?

    The rest of us in this discussion, are wanting the "High Optic Yellow" for specific reasons with age and weather conditions (early morning, dusk, foggy, etc.). I really like the color too! I know exactly which ball is mine b/c it stands out and I don't have to check all the other white balls. Besides, These days color is in full swing and that can attract more golfers of all ages!!!  I'm not saying go crazy on the color selection, just "High Optic Yellow". 

    Myself and others would really like to have the option of "High Optic Yellow" in the "upper" line.

    Thanks for the outstanding products Titleist!!!

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