Yellow ProV1

I was playing Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls, but last June I switched to the Titleist NXT Tour S in yellow and I haven't lost any distance on my shots. So for now, I guess I continue playing the TItleist NXT Tour S in yellow and save some money! 

I would buy the ProV1 if it was offered in yellow or orange.  On some very bright days in early morning or late afternoon, there is so much glare that it is difficult to see a white ball even if it is 10 yards in front of you in the fairway.  I don't like losing a $4 ball or having to spend extra time looking for it just because it is only available in white.

What if Pro V1 was a special order ball?  And you could order it in yellow  

If I could order Yellow Pro V1x golf balls, I would definately do so!!!

I too would order the Pro V1 in yellow.  I purchased my Pro V's throught he loyalty program this past season.  I was planing on doing the same this season.  An option to order them in Yellow would be AWESOME!!