The new prov1x

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Austin V

I have played the new prov1x my last 2 tournaments On the Golf channel tour. The results have been awesome more durable consistent ball flight great predictability around the greens. The confidence gained playing the ball has resulted in a 1st and 2nd place finish. Great job Titleist.

Christian J

I second that, the new balls are awesome!  The durability has improved greatly.  I received a dozen for tournaments this year, and I still have three left.  People were really bashing about the durability of the old balls, and Titleist addressed the issue greatly!  Well done, Titleist!

Lou B

I have been playing the Red Pro V1 and Pro V 1x  on a few occasions.  I really like the new ball.  In fact I had a hole in one with it on May 9,2013 at Medinah  C.C..  Could not be happier with the new ball and its result.  Lou B.

Tim S

what is the Golf Channel Tour?  Is that the AM tour?

I played on that last year...lots of fun but very expensive

Lou B

I am not sure  You can email the Golf channel Morning Drive show . They have discussed it  and can give you an answer. 

Christopher V

I would agree, I am hooked on the new Pro V1x.  It's literally built perfect for my game...currently playing at a 4.8 handicap and the ball's consistency and feel have played a major roll.


Well said guys.  I like the feel of the new ProV1xs.   Never noticed a durability problem with the older models like most, but the new ball rocks.