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On golf channel, I saw billy horschel saying that he played the pro v1x plus. What is that? I've been trying to figure it out, and I have nothing.

Christian J

The ProV1x+ is just a prototype golf ball that the pros are testing out.  Don't quote me, but it I think it has something do with the flight of the ball.  It's either goes higher, or stays lower.  I believe it's supposed to go higher, but not 100% sure.


Sorry I missed the quote on the golf channel, but if they are testing a new pro V , I hope that I will be one of the fortunate ones to be allowed to have the samples to test.

Chris S

Christian is correct. The ProV1x+ flies slightly higher. 

I doubt that there will be any public testing. The + ball is tour only and new ProV's are on a 2 year cycle just like clubs, and they just released the new model.

 Chris S

Marc L

I recently received two boxes of "Tour only" ProV1x golf balls.  One ball is marked "ProV1x+" on the side and the other is marked ProV1x with a dot after the x.  Does anyone know how these balls are different from the normal ProV1x golf balls?   Thanks.

thomas m

So I take it that the Pro V1 + is similar, does it mean higher trajectory or just this is a prototype the pro is playing?  I was walking scorer last week and each pro signed a ball at the end of the round which was Pro V1, Pro V1x and ProV1+STqQaDZEyF