3 Person Scramble coming up this weekend. I normally play Pro-V1 exclusively. Should I hit the DT-SOLO off the tee?

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Ron R

Is it longer than the Pro-V1? Since its a scramble I can switch back and forth.

Ron R

Tournament is over and this is my conclusion. Firstly my driver is a 47" 913-D2 in C4 position.  The DT ball is further on miss hits because it rolls more. Pro-V1 is further when you hit it in the screws. When I hit the Pro-V1 higher on the club face (not skyed) then there is hardly any roll out (like hitting a mid-iron) so sometimes it's way shorter (50 yds).  I live in Texas and play on a West Texas golf course so fairways are hard. Hope this helps someone else. 


It helps to play the same ball at all times for feel.  You really shouldn't be swinging any harder in a scramble than in a regular round.  I hit it just as far with a smooth tempo as with a "hard " swing.