Found Golf Balls Late in the Season

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You can sure tell it's getting late in the Golf season. I found an old ball in the trees on the 18th today, late in the season you find older balls. I showed it to the Club Pro and he told me it was probably a ball made in the 50's or 60's. That makes the ball as old or OLDER than me ... I love Golf

Mark P

You are right on the money.  Playing this week with my Tuesday group we found a ball with a logo for a store in Massachusetts that went out of business about 17 years ago.

Allen L

Glad you mentioned this, I have found more balls over the past couple weeks.  Nothing rare or unusual, no Titleist.  The course I play on has fairly thick rough that you must avoid, the other day they cut the roughs low and it was a bonanza for finding balls.  So I gave what I picked up to my wife who could care less about choice of golf balls.


Amazing how golfers start using their "worthless" golf balls as the season transitions out toward winter! I admit I have done the same over the years!  


Mark P

That's how our Pro recognized the ball, it has a Fairway Foods Logo on it, and he said he remembered playing a similar ball in high school (he is retiring in the next few years), also along the obvious seem is printed "cadwell cover" and "liquid center"

Nicklaus B

i played a couple weeks ago and found a ball buried in the bunker and when i picked it up it had japanese writing on it and was dated. when i looked it up it was from a golf school in japan in 1984. pretty crazy how golf balls get around like that

Mark P

The ball we found had Lechmere on it with the old Lechmere Sales logo.  I bought a tv from Lechmere's once.