Test Ball

clayton t

well i recieved 2 unexpected joys today 1st a couple months back my ap 2 and bag stolen so last few weeks been playing some used clubs from a friend..... after i got home today from playing around i found brand new players bag with 712 ap 2 and 913 d and 913 f seems i got an angel close by..... in mail today test balls from titleist red numbers i am thinking pro v 1x ..... going be 33 tomorrow here im going try one then save one till gets back to 80s later this week


I have used the test balls in 3 rounds and they perform better overall than my current ball that I play. Veery pleased overall, too bad golf season is ending soon.

John C.


I also received a sleeve of test balls and absolutely loved them. Took the feedback survey and I am hoping to obtain more of them and also find out what type of ball it is. Very curious indeed!

I received a sleeve as well, played with them this week. I would compare the ones I received to the NXT which is my ball of choice. The balls with test on the side certainly raised some eyerbrows in my group when I pulled them out.

I usually play the NXT line and Wilson 50 Elite during the colder months. The Wilson 50 Elite has been a solid winter golf ball for me. Can't wait to try them out and see how they perform

I got the sleeve of balls and played them last weekend. It is a shame we never know what they are because I LOVE these balls.  Longer and firmer off the tee, great check up ability on pitch shots and only had 28 putts in the first round I played with them.  Took a bit to get used to the firmness compared to the NXT ToursS but once I did they were awesome. Seems every part of the game was better.  I had to select shorter irons on approach as the shots were sailing long on the fairway shots.

It's been a while since I rec'd my test ball. I rec'd 3 different sleeves (marked square, circle & plain) with quite a different result on the three. Would love to receive more of them to test.


I received a sleeve on Sat. 10/26 - Black # with Test stamped on one side.  I don't remember what ball I had listed in my profile but, since this Spring I've been using the  2013 version of the bstone E-6 & E-5 balls. 

So far I've done a putting & chipping test, using the E-5, E-6 & the 'Test' ball and have played one round. The 'Test' ball felt as soft as the E-6 off of the putter & wedges but had more spin when chipping. Overall feel was better then the E-5 ball. On the course I liked the overall performance of the 'Test' ball, over the E-5 but thought the E-6 was very similar.

On the day I received the sleeve of test balls, I had ordered 2 dozen of the NXT Tour S balls. I just received those in the mail the other day. So, I need to do further testing, comparing the "Test" ball to the NXT Tour S ball, 

Thanks to Team Titleist for including me in their Beta testing. 

Yesterday, 11/01 I played a round using the 'Test Ball" & a NXT Tour S ball. I switched balls every 2 holes. I hadn't played the NXT Tour S ball in quite awhile - liked it. But this prototype ball was the overall winner. It just felt better to me, especially off of the putter. It also produce better spin on short iron & wedge approach shots.  Distance wise I didn't see any large significant changes between the e-6, NXT Tour S & the Prototype balls. It may be that with my swing speed [I'm an old guy] I get what I get no matter what ball I play. 

All I know is if & when this Prototype ball is released for sale on the retail market I'm buying it! Until then I''ll use the NXT Tour S balls. I liked them more then the ball [e-6] I've been mostly using this year. 

Great job Titleist!

mine were marked in black also...test 1......not much difference in distance...but they just have a great feel. I actually play srxn Q-stars...this test ball was great...especialy around the green..much more control...putts seemed to be more true, and chipping was much more controlled. Even holed out a 15 yard greenside chip that flew about 11 yards and rolled right in. I had 2 upa nd down from bunkers, and my bunker paly is horrible. I want to know what these are...and how much??????

Happy to say I was  received a sleeve as well. Black numbers. I usually play NXT Tour balls. I played 9 with the prototype balls today. They were amazing. No way they are legal. I was 15 yards father with the Prototype with the driver, about 10 with long irons. With short irons, the ball flew higher and spun more. And the ball went straighte with all my clubs, especially my driver. I tend to push the ball with my driver but this ball just seemed to want to stay straight and draw! It felt much softer than the NXT Tour, too. Loved the ball and hope one day it comes out. Truly an amazing experience playing with the prototype.

Also just received a test sleeve.... Will try them out tomorrow.

I have been playing the 3 balls I received and so far it seems like it is a bit harder,...does not grip the green as well when I chip with it....either a PW or a 54....  Good distance....seems to be as long as a Pro V1 and Pro V1x.    Good ball overall.  I would say it looks like it is some sort of NXT....based on the dimples and softness/hardness of the cover.

So this is a good point.  For any of those that have been testers before, have you ever been given any indication of what ball these eventually went to market as?  Would be nice to be able to play the commercial version if they are working for your game.

This may not be practical due to the fact that Titleist may be only testing one element of the ball on the particular test ball that was sent out but still curious.

sherman w

I received a sleeve last week. After playing three holes my reaction was " Is this ball legal?". I want to know if and when it will be available. I've playng bstone E6s and cally Hex Chromes . I believe the Titleist test balls I received outperforms the socks off of both.

I too received Titleist 1 with "test" marked on them.   They were just excellent balls flying straight, longer than normal for my swing speed and quite compressible.   I would buy them today.   I have the NXT tour S in my profile and liked the test ball better.

Anyone want to take a guess at the compression ratings for these balls?

I love the Duo & was hoping Titleist would put out something similar.

Similar experience here.  Tested them today and was bombing them off the tee. Didn't love them around the green but that may have been user error today!  Either way super fun process.  Love the opportunity.