Test Ball

Your right  Sherman , Never seen anything come off the club face like that. (never) Been playing 55 years and used every ball made never hit a ball 276 at age 64 (Never).

How did the test balls perform for you? Did you see any difference? I know I did and my foursome also noticed that I was hitting the ball 20 yards longer on most shots.

Kathy my young friend hit it and it went 305 ,,hahaha answer YES it will go and it also will stop on a dime. I want some.


I would say 60

Anybody receive a test version of the new PROV1X?  If so, were you able to see any noticable changes vs. the 2013 model?

I do believe it is the NXT model

Hi I'm with you on this. At my fave course , par 5, 565 yds. My third shot was 70 out from back flag location. 

i received also a sleeve of 3 white test balls two weeks ago. Whatever they are I want them! I am more of a line drive hitter (on purpose with woods) and my irons get sufficient height but not impressively so. With these, they climb fast and stayed high for a long time. The result has been longer tee shots, and softer landings with my irons. My irons may be slightly shorter but I would trade that distance for the consistancy of the height, aim, and soft landings any day!

I have the "Velocity" balls in my profile, but these are definitely not them. I always thought that a golf ball was a golf ball was a golf ball. Not anymore; I would replace my Velocity's with these in a heartbeat. I would also clean out from my bag all my cally balls that I had been using.

Titleist; Please tell me what they were and where I can get them. If you need warehouse space, send me the excess!! :)




Not sure gonna try them tomorrow but they look shinny-ier than the ProV1

J.R. Hirsh

Not sure gonna try them tomorrow but they look shinny-ier than the ProV1

J.R. This thing is hot and you right does not look like a pro v1

Antonio V

Just received a sleeve of a new Test ball in the mail. Anybody have any idea what line it is. Thanks

Used the Test Balls in two rounds last week. They are like the PRO V1 but harder, lost distance but they were in the Fairway., liked them on the short game and they held the green. Didn't like to put with them because I lost a bit of that feel. It was cold out both times I used them and that may have some effect however a few times I used regular PRO V 1's and I got my distance back but lost the middle of the Fairway.

Ron L

I received a sleeve also.  Would like to know what they are.  They went straighter and farther for me.   B'stone E-6 is in my profile.  Played with them in 40 -  45 degree weather and saw improvement.  I would buy them if I knew what they are.  Thanks for the opportunity.

I played them in temp's of 38 degree in the morning and again at 50 degrees. Lost distance but they did go straight. Hard cover and you can feel it when I hit them. I did like how they held the green and I don't get much back spin on normal days however I Didn't like how they felt in a putt. I will play with them a few more rounds and compare them to the bstone B330 RX and my PRO V1's I use.

I received 2 sleeves of Optic yellow 2 weeks ago. Felt a bit softer than NXT tour S. Carried on full swings similar and a bit more spin around greens. Subtle but better. Played 3 rounds with one. Maybe ill tee them up at Wolfdancer tomorrow. 

I received the Black on Black test balls.

Super soft, high launch, added distance.  What's not to like?  I would switch to this ball in a heart beat. 

Only negative is they do not float.

My sleeve of test balls also had red numbers. Compared to the NXT Tour I usually use, these seemed to have a little more spin. I tried them on a cool day last week and they were not as long at first, but once I loosened up seemed longer. Can't say what they might be, but felt like NXT or possibly Velocity. Anyway, it was fun!