Test Ball

I got them as well. I have bstone E6 in my profile. These new ones had the spin control of my bstone but had a lot more distance. I cant wait to find out what they are as well Im switching.

I've received a sleeve of the white and a sleeve of the yellow balls.  I didn't like the white balls at first, they seemed hard as a rock when I first played them.  But I completed 54 holes today on a par 3 course and swapped the two balls back and forth.  I seemed to hit the white balls further and had more spin on the yellow balls.  I could easily incorporate either ball in my game.  I know that I love Titleist for giving me the chance to test balls for them.  Makes me feel more like a pro than I have any right to.............

I have not recieved mine this year? I may go into withdrawals- Have you tried them yet?

plays like a valisety

Mel did you think it was a little softer?


My husband and I both received a sleeve of white 'test' balls early November.  He received and completed a survey, but I did not then receive a survey to reply my findings.   I am curious as to what ball I was using.  I currently use a bstone E6 series.  The test ball was as good, and possibly gave me more distance off the tee.  I would  hope to discover the name of the ball I used. 

Marilyn Baran

C'ome man....what's the deal?     Were these balls (black 1 and "test") an existing ball or something new??

Inquiring minds want to know....plus maybe pay some $$$ for these guys.


I'm with you Raymond, will T  Let us in on the info?  I really liked the ball( maybe a bit softer , please), but distance, spin, were all great in my opinion.

I played 4 rounds with the Test Balls. I like them but need to be a bit softer. I looked at the ones I have and they are allot like the ProV1X. I lost distance but did gain some control. I kept them in the Fairway and they did hold the green real well. For some reason the hard feel on impact was odd but if I can keep the ball in the Fairway with a little loss in distance I like them. Can't wait to try them in warm weather. Each round has been in the 40's.

I received a sleeve also. Seems to be just as long as the NXTs I play or longer. Around the green I've notice just a little more spin. Normally my NXTs stick like a yard dart with no backspin. These will draw back of full shots with 8 irons and less. My wedges have checked up a little more than I'm used to. Left my self a few long putts. Now that I have one ball left I'm starting to trust it to check up. I will say this. Its one tough mother. I played this last ball for 5 rounds of golf and its a little fuzzy on one side. I've had to remark this ball 4 times. I my wear out my shapie before the ball. Normally my ball doesn't hang around this long.

I"m down to one ball left, they seem to perform better than the e6 for me...a bit longer, and better control...stop on the green very well, and putt true...if I ever find out what they are, I'll sure buy some...

I know Jim, they are tough, I still have all three of mine and yesterday I found one that someone left in a Bunker Now I have 4 :) I do like how they hold the green, but it's early to tell. Up north here the greens are soft and balls stick well.

There are multiple Test bals.  Apparently there are black numbers and dark red numbers, as well as at least one variety of test yellow balls.

I got the white balls with dark red numbers.  I haven't used the NXT Tour-S, but these red numbers have been in the same distance or longer than I was getting with either the NXT Tour and Pro-V1x.  For me, all 3 held greens equally and better than other 2 piece and older 3 piece balls I've used in the past.  On one drive, the Test ball got my best distance for the year.  On a par 5 dogleg, I normally come up 30 yards short of going through the fairway, hoping to get far enough to aim down the fairway w/o cutting the corner..  Through it.  On another, my approach shot is normally a 5 or 6 iron, and I used a PW to get on the green in regulation.  If my ball gets to production - I need to find out which one.

First Tee is geting a donation of all secret stashes (down to my last 3 NXT's) of full sleeves and boxes.  Now if it only came in visible yellow I won't have to spend so much time trying to find them when they go further than I can follow.

Don, same here longest ball I have played and I have played the all


No idea what ball it is, but I wish I knew. I would definitely buy them, I really was impressed with them.