New Optic Yellow "Test" balls came in the mail!

Ive heard from a couple of people that a yellow Pro v1 has been in the works for some time, but it is hard to do because of the cover

I loved these balls.   I usually play Titlelist NXT Tour S or TM Penta 3.   They played similar to my tms... plenty long off the tee and good around the greens, too.   I thought the feel off the putter was excellent.   Loved the optic yellow color... could see it much better than the yellow NXT Tour color.   I would definitely buy these for the color and putter feel.   I hope we get to find out what line of Titlest balls these are soon.  I do like the ProV1, but it is too spendy for me.

There are multiple posts on yellow cover balls. I received a sleeve of these, Titleist  1's    --TEST--  as side stamp.

This ball has the larger dimples and appear like the NXT series pattern. Very SOFT, like no impact at impact, ball leaps off the face. Longer off the driver, 240 all carry, cold, rain, head wind. Hybrid layup, no impact at impact, normal distance for the club with the same environmental conditions, so a bit longer with hybrid. Wedges 5-6 yards longer than expected, lost one ball to the back water hazard. Big adjustment for the chipping and putting, ball jumps and goes further than anticipated, both chips and putts finished 50% long of distance attempted, this could be problematic in summer with the increased stimp meter greens. Spin could not be accurately assessed this outing, wet greens, head wind, 36 feet spin back on the 2 remaining wedges into the green. Weather is to improve on Wednesday thru Friday, playing Friday. Next report after that round.


Well, mother nature isn't cooperating, greens have been frozen 20 of the last 21 days. Hitting range balls off double stacked mats, unable to putt, putting green closed, short game green is frozen, closed. Mid distance practice green frozen but, they are letting us hit 10 - 50 yard wedges into it, and the sand has to be raked to break up the frozen top layer. Handicapped in pursuing a valid full testing of the Optic Yellow -TEST- balls provided. we're in the third week of our annual Winter Eclectic and have been unable to post a single round.

The YELLOW DT Solos are PERFECT for the short wet winters we get in Southern California..  I LOVE a yellow ball in late afternoon in winter when the sun sets around 4:50 pm.  This is our ONLY wet time of year when Mother Nature FINALLY slows down our greens!  The yellow DT Solo fits the bill!

When I was a junior I played the yellow Titleist balls and in some cases the orange...!  It would be great to have yellow come back into the mix for ProV1x and ProV1.

I received 3 white test balls in December and a email stating I would receive a survey in a couple of weeks. No survey yet. The balls are great. I'm getting about 20 yards more and higher ball flight. Is their a followup survey?