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How can I get in on the Titleist ball testing? Please send me a sleeve. 

Thank you, 

Blake F

Me too, got some a year or two back, loved them! Awesome surprise at the mailbox!

Brad P

I completely agree. I received some last year but not this year.

Dr. Dan F

please send golf balls

Paul B

in your profile, does it say you play NXTs or ProV1s?

I was under the impression these test balls were NXTs

Steve M

I also received a sleeve last year in the mail.  What a great surprise!!!!!!

How or why did I get them?  I have no idea, but I made sure to treat the test balls for what they were and provided my feedback to Titleist with as honest opinion as possible.



Don O

Stay active on TT discussion board, have your profile up to date, and see what happens.  It is both random with an eye towards active members.  Titleist has 2 year cycles on clubs and balls.  Profiles with ProV got luckier last year, non-urethane balls on profiles got luckier this year.  ProV series balls will hit wide testing next fall in 2014 for the 2015 PGA Expo release.

Good luck!

Tony B

Me too.....had some last year but now I've moved back to the UK.   Great surprise through the mailbox and a lot of fun trying them out.  Surprise us loyal Titleist customers in the UK please!!!!!!!!