Test Balls

How can I get in on the Titleist ball testing? Please send me a sleeve. 

Thank you, 

Me too, got some a year or two back, loved them! Awesome surprise at the mailbox!

I completely agree. I received some last year but not this year.

please send golf balls

in your profile, does it say you play NXTs or ProV1s?

I was under the impression these test balls were NXTs

I also received a sleeve last year in the mail.  What a great surprise!!!!!!

How or why did I get them?  I have no idea, but I made sure to treat the test balls for what they were and provided my feedback to Titleist with as honest opinion as possible.



Stay active on TT discussion board, have your profile up to date, and see what happens.  It is both random with an eye towards active members.  Titleist has 2 year cycles on clubs and balls.  Profiles with ProV got luckier last year, non-urethane balls on profiles got luckier this year.  ProV series balls will hit wide testing next fall in 2014 for the 2015 PGA Expo release.

Good luck!

Me too.....had some last year but now I've moved back to the UK.   Great surprise through the mailbox and a lot of fun trying them out.  Surprise us loyal Titleist customers in the UK please!!!!!!!!